A mascot can be any animal, object, or person you use to represent your business or brand. For ages, brands have been designing mascots for their business.

Mascots can help play a contributory role in creating the brand identity of your business.

History of Mascots

If we go back in history, we will find out that brands initially started using different animals as a form of mascot to entertain their audience. Often, brands would use predatory animals and use their attributes to define their brand and challenge their competitors.

Mascot options today are a lot more widespread. Many brands use cartoons or animated 2-D or 3-D fantasy mascots to represent their brand. Additionally, businesses also use different objects as their mascot.

Why You Need a Mascot?

Research shows that a mascot can help make your business stand out from the crowd. It can significantly increase your brand awareness and boost the sales of your products.

Appearance Matters

Paying attention to your mascot’s appearance is important. It must be consistent with your brand image and appealing to your target audience. For instance, if you are selling toys, then children should find your mascot fun and interesting.

A mascot should also be designed while keeping every detail in mind. A poorly designed mascot can have a negative impact on your brand image, and you may even lose out on your customers.

Remember, the purpose of a mascot is to build positive associations in customers’ minds with your brand and its products or services. You can’t afford to risk having a mascot figure that looks like an amateur has designed it. Hence, it’s best to leave the design work to professionals who have experience in this regard.

A professional logo design company knows how to ensure that your mascot has the right look, colors, and design.

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