The pandemic has forced many people to shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces like Amazon. This has encouraged many sellers to set up shop in the virtual space provided by Amazon.

Businesses and individual sellers on Amazon now compete to rank their product listings. One way to do it is to develop a proper content strategy for this purpose. This content strategy includes writing proper product descriptions, adding useful product images, designing banners, optimizing homepages, and even creating a brand store.

Here’s all you need to know about Amazon A+ Strategy to get started.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

The A+ Content feature is an additional and advanced feature that allows sellers to enhance their communication. It allows sellers to put forward powerful content and stand out from the competitors.

With this feature, sellers can boost their content and increase sales.

Powerful Product Descriptions

Regular product descriptions are simple, to-the-point texts that describe what your product does. With A+ Content, you can change your product descriptions into elaborate, useful texts that add value to your content.

These descriptions can be powered through A+ content. They can include customized paragraphs with proper headers, comparative analysis of products, images and text layouts, list of product features, and detailed, high-quality videos and charts.

These product descriptions proactively answer all the customers’ questions and help them understand the products.

Enhanced Brand Content

Using enhanced brand content, you can go one step further and create relatability with the customers. With the A+ content strategy, you can add the following things to your brand content:

  • Brand/Seller story
  • Full-screen attractive backgrounds.
  • Text and image cards
  • Links to other relevant brands or stores

The enhanced brand content can help educate your customers while ensuring they understand your brand’s values and offerings.

Are You Eligible For It?

You’re eligible for A+ Content if:

  • You’re based in the US
  • You’re an Amazon Brand Registry-approved brand owner.
  • You sell programs such as Amazon Exclusives or Launchpad.

Why Do You Need It?

If you’re eligible for A+ Content, here are all the reasons why you should leverage it to boost sales.

Improves Traffic

A+ Content diverts traffic to your product listing. People are more likely to view your product if it contains valuable, credible and interesting information. It also makes your listing more attractive to potential customers and sets you apart.

Increases Conversion Rates

As more people view your products, they’re more likely to buy from you too. You also come across as a credible and legitimate seller, thereby inceasing conversion rates and driving sales for your brand.

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