With the ever-changing digital world, trends get outdated super fast, and new trends keep coming in. Trends that were predicted pre-pandemic ended up coming sooner than later and changed the landscape of online marketing fast.

In 2020 only, 93 million more people started using their mobile phones. According to McKinsey, the pandemic has advanced the face of online marketing by 10 years in just 3 months.


People have become vocal about their passion for environmentalism. They only want to invest in sustainable things to stop further damage being caused to the planet. 81% of the customers now believe that companies should focus on saving the environment and reducing their carbon footprint by only producing eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly brands have come forward and taken over the market shares.

Videos Are The New Normal

Videos are being consumed on almost all platforms, and TikTok has grown enormously. Visuals in the videos are easier to absorb than to read through an article, ad, or blog. More marketers are now focusing on video content, as they believe it is now an important part of marketing strategy, and 84% of consumers choose to buy a product after watching a video.

An iPad with 'online marketing' written on the screen, sunglasses, coffee, and a black keyboard on a white table

Increased Visual And Voice Searches

With the emergence of products like Alexa, voice searches are an easy option for people now. One in four homes in America has some sort of smart speaker technology available.

In 2021, visual searches have also become popular. People are now searching for products through images they stumbled upon on different platforms. Companies are now incorporating images in their SEO by adding them to sitemaps and using keywords in the images’ filename and alt text.

Interactive Content

This trend has always been there in traditional marketing, but the need for interactive content has increased now because of a shift towards digital marketing. To improve user experience, companies are now involving their customers in things like quizzes, surveys, polls, giveaways, contests, etc. This increases engagement on apps that have made engagement important for their algorithm.

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