Designing a logo is a crucial part of your brand’s image and overall marketing strategy. A unique logo grabs the attention of your target audience and communicates your brand’s individuality to others.

Let’s look at some mistakes logo designers should avoid.


Many designers copy a pre-existing logo to save time and earn a few extra bucks, forgetting that the whole premise of having a company logo is to distinguish the brand from others.

Some people think they’re just getting ‘inspired’ by another logo but end up copying too many details for it to just be considered an inspiration.

Excessive Use of Colors

It’s important to stick to a specific color scheme. The colors you use in your logo will have an effect on your audience, as colors can impact human psychology. There’s no need to use loud or bright colors if they don’t go well with your brand image.

Similarly, a dull logo will never be aesthetically appealing to your target audience. Using clashing colors is another mistake that can make your brand appear too lazy and unimaginative.

Unclear Fonts

Font matters a lot when it comes to logos. Whatever is written on a logo should be easy to read and understand. Using confusing fonts with twisted styles and letters can confuse consumers and turn them away from your brand. A font style that actually goes well with your logo and is simple enough will stand out.

 Apple logo on an Apple desktop

Too Trendy

Before choosing to follow a trend, make sure you’ve done your research as a logo designer. A specific trend might fade out with time, but your logo needs to become your brand’s symbol. It can be tempting to follow a trend blindly, but chances are other companies and designers could be following the same trend, and your logo might fail to stand out. A unique logo that is different but appealing will set its own trend.

Clashing Details

Choosing what elements to include in your logo can be hard, but it’s necessary to avoid the clashing of too many details. The more details you add, the more confusing a logo can become. Many brands have distinct logos that are basic but classic, and you can spot them from far away. Too much detail can take away from the main appeal of your brand’s logo.

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