Like different software companies specializing in specific user interfaces, different graphic designers provide specific graphic design services. Some might only house medical designers, whereas others could have a host of graphic designers excelling in more than one type of design.

All that to say, the world of graphic design is certainly not just about creating aesthetically pleasing visuals for an audience. This art has a science to it—take color, for instance. It raises brand awareness by 80% and is an important aspect of graphic design. There’s more to this digital art than meets the eye, which The NetMen Corp knows all too well.

Take a closer look at the following variations for the next time you require our professional design services in Miami.

1. Brochure Design

Brochures are everywhere, from spas to hotels to hospitals and even roadside motels. They’re an effective print marketing tool in this digital age but only when you get the text and design elements right. Your brochure would surely end up in the trash can otherwise.

Just be sure to avoid these mistakes, and your brochure should come out right:

  • Avoid saturating your brochure with too many images. Your logo designand graphic imagery should complement the text, not overtake it completely.
  • Avoid saturating your brochure with text. The point is to motivate the reader to check out your products and services online. They’re unlikely to do that if they have everything they need in the leaflet.
  • Make the text readable using large and bold font, but use different font sizes to differentiate the headlines, subheads, call-out boxes, and body.
  • Use a vibrant color palette.

A Faceless Person Receiving a Brochure with a White Background and Colorful Graphic Design

2. Social Media Posts Design

Social media marketing is a must-have strategy for all businesses since all the networks have a combined total of 3.96 billion users—that’s half the world population. Social media graphics encompass the designs on the following posts across all social networks:

  • Social media stories.
  • Custom posts
  • Infographics
  • Pinterest pins
  • Any other still imagery on social media.

There’s a method to creating graphics for a social media post. While they offer designers a lot of wiggle room to express their creativity, it would help if they stuck to the following basics across all posts:

  • Contrast: To balance the image and make it and the text legible.
  • Repetition:To create cohesion between the different visual elements, such as colors, shapes, and images.
  • Color Science:The designer must refer to the color wheel and use complementary colors.

3. Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design services are pursued by companies who want to differentiate themselves from the competition. These small businesses and large organizations have a story to tell—a message to convey—and they’ll use visual representation to tell this story.

The work of a graphic designer entrusted with your brand identity isn’t limited to telling your story and describing your products and services through colors, shapes, images, and textures; they must also maintain brand consistency across various offline and online platforms. Speaking of platforms, here are the branding assets that you can use for branding purposes:

Business Cards

Business cards display your logo, contact information, and your position at the company. They’re more of a connecting tool than a branding tool. However, they represent your business when distributed at conferences and trade fairs.

Logo Designs

Your logo may or may not display your brand’s name. Regardless, it’s an almost entirely visual branding tool. Your company logo should mesh with your philosophy, products, and services. Depending on the message you’re hoping to convey, your logo can be an image, name, abstract, mascot, emblem, a combination of your name and brand image, a letter mark, et cetera.

Brand Colors

Color is as big an identifier for a company as any. You use a specific corporate color—or set of colors—across all your graphic designs, document letterheads, and building interiors and exteriors.


A slogan or tagline is your mission statement, meaning it’s the textual element of your brand identity. We’ve seen several popular slogans over the years, such as Burger King’s “Have it your way” and Taco Bell’s “Think outside the bun.”

4. Mascot Design

While mascots are often lumped with logos design, we like to see them as graphic designs in their own right due to the work that goes into creating a visual representation for a business.

You can develop a mascot design with or without your logo design. For instance, the McDonald’s logo doesn’t have a mascot, but it still has a mascot representing the McDonald’s brand at various events, commercials, and other marketing platforms.

Your mascot is your greatest ambassador because it adds a human element to your business. It puts a face to a name that the audience would be comfortable trusting. That’s where things get a little tricky. As with logos, you don’t want to misrepresent your brand with the wrong mascot design accidentally.

Thus, hiring the right mascot design service is important to develop an animal, human, or inanimate object that’ll accurately represent a business.

McDonald’s Clownish Mascot

5. Packaging Design

Packaging is simultaneously the most obvious and unsuspecting part of your marketing strategy. It’s easy to miss when you’re drawing up your primarily digital marketing plan but remains a powerful traditional marketing tool.

Internal packaging is a practical and mandatory element of your product—unless you’re a brand like LUSH and prefer “naked” products to packaged products. Even then, you cannot do without external packaging.

External or internal, the way you package your products says a lot about your brand, which is why many larger brands go decades before changing their packaging. As a form of direct interaction that users have with your brand, it can take your sales to new heights or substantial lows.

You see, shelf impact is the key to packaging. When people browse products on store shelves, they mostly skim through them instead of giving them a closer look. Your packaging needs to be visually catchy enough to make them do a double-take. For that, you need to hire a graphic designer who knows their way around design as well as they’re aware of the latest product marketing strategies.

6. Stationery Design

Stationery is just one of many corporate design services at The NetMen Corp. Unless you’re completely paperless, you’ll require this service for personalized legal letters and other forms of formal correspondence.

As long as your business requires printed materials, it requires stationery design. Just as you risk losing your credibility without branded stationery, you risk losing it without consistently branded stationery.

Even when you don’t require paper- or card-based stationery in your daily operation, you might require stationery services for branded swag and personalized thank-you notes.

Apart from credibility, there are several other benefits of stationery design. You could:

  • Attract customers through visually attractive letterheads.
  • Come across as a large organization despite being a small business.
  • Convey your business philosophy through cohesive and attractive visuals.

7. Web Design

Professional web designers combine web and graphic design elements like the layout of a web page, imagery, and typography to create a front-end product that is user-friendly and visually attractive. In other words, they balance user experience with user interaction when designing a landing page, homepage, or any other hub pages of your business website.

Like unbranded stationery, a business loses credibility when it doesn’t have a website. Anyone can open a social media page, but only those serious about their business are thought to have a web presence outside business directories, video hosting sites, and social media networks. As of 2021, only 28% of small businesses didn’t have a website, meaning they’re an unpopular yet significant minority.

If you don’t want your business to be counted among them, choose from the following and get started on your corporate website today:

  • Business website
  • eCommerce website
  • News website
  • Personal blog
  • Portfolio website
  • Online service provider. (Examples: Streaming sites, photo editors, grammar checking tools, spell-checkers, search engines, etc.)
  • Landing page
  • Online database (Examples: Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, etc.)
  • Online forum (Example: Reddit)
  • Event website

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