When working with a logo designer, it’s important to make sure you receive all the necessary file types for various uses. After you have reviewed the logo design portfolio, here are the main types of logo you should receive for your logo design, regardless of the design software used:

Vector file (usually .ai or .eps). 

This file type is essential for high-quality printing and scaling. It allows the logo to be resized without any loss of quality, making it perfect for larger signage or merchandise.

Transparent PNG. 

A transparent PNG is a logo file with a transparent background, which is necessary for placing the logo onto different colored backgrounds or images.


This is a common file type that is widely used for web and digital purposes. It’s a good idea to request a high-resolution JPG for use on your website and social media profiles.


A PDF file is a good option for sending your logo to printers or for sharing digitally. It’s a versatile file type that can be opened on most devices.

Make sure to receive all these file types to avoid any delays or complications down the road with your business. Having these various file types will ensure that you have the best logo design files for any situation that may arise, whether it’s for printing materials or using the logo online.

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