Cannabis packaging has come a long way in recent years. As cannabis becomes legal and the industry grows, companies are focusing on their branding, image, and packaging. The right packaging can convey quality, build brand recognition, and attract new customers.

In 2024, expect to see more creative, innovative, and sustainable cannabis packaging hitting dispensary shelves.

Custom Packaging Designs Dominate

As the cannabis market gets more competitive, brands are turning to custom packaging design to stand out. Custom packaging helps cannabis companies stand out, match their brand, and engage with customers.

We can expect more custom illustrations, creative structural packaging, and unique labeling in 2024. Brands are using packaging design agencies to create unique packaging that represents their brand’s essence.

Clever, artistic designs catch consumers’ eyes and help drive sales.

Sustainable Materials Become Mainstream

Rco-conscious practices have become minimum expectations for cannabis brands today. Consumers increasingly want to support companies that align with their values and prioritize environmental stewardship.

As a result, cannabis packaging using recycled, renewable and ecological materials will dominate in 2024.

Look for more compostable plastic, hemp plastic, recycled paper and other sustainable substrates. Energy efficient production methods and minimalist packaging will also be popular.

The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint associated with cannabis products. This shows customers the brand cares.

Packaging Designers Focus on Convenience

Packaging designers work with cannabis product makers to create convenient, user-friendly packaging that preserves the product effectively.

This means there are more options available for easy opening and closing. Also available are packs with multiple joints and child-resistant features.

Additionally, the materials used are longer-lasting. Lastly, there are intuitive opening methods.

Designers change packaging to fit modern lifestyles and make it easier to use on-the-go. Movability and discretion are also important factors that designers keep top of mind.

Premium and Luxury Packaging Elevates Brand Image

Expensive cannabis brands are using fancy packaging to match their image in the market. We are adding lavish materials such as soft-touch finishes, foil stamping, and embossing.

This communicate quality and enhance the unboxing experience. Packaging can also incorporate security features which assure customers of the product’s originality and individuality. As cannabis becomes more accepted, packaging will target wealthy consumers instead of college dorms.

Artistic Illustrations and Photography Stand Out

Packaging design is an opportunity for cannabis brands to express their unique personality and vibe. Illustrations and photography allow brands to tell stories, establish mood and emotions and connect with people.

Unique visuals like abstract graphics, nature illustrations, and artistic photos create brand recognition and set companies apart. Realisting close-up images of the flower communicate quality and get consumers excited about the product inside. Illustrations can also educate about intended effects and proper dosage.

Highlighting Product Information and Effects

Designers face the challenge of conveying important product information to consumers as the range of cannabis products grows. This means highlighting strain genetics, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, potency information, descriptions of aroma and flavor and intended effects. Consumers increasingly want to understand exactly what they’re buying. Clean designs and infographics distill down complex chemical information into simple, digestible formats helping people find their perfect product.

Packaging Optimized for Brands and Retailers

Packaging designers think about both the people who buy the product and the cannabis brands and retailers. Packaging needs to follow brand rules, show the brand’s image, fit production constraints, and work in stores.

That means considering factors such as shelf presence, inventory space, shipping costs, compliance with regulations and more. Also, a focus on uniform branding and design systems that are cohesive across a brands’ product lines exists. This strengthens brand identity on store shelves.

Partnerships with Packaging Design Companies

Creating impactful, compliant cannabis packaging is a complex process spanning concept generation, material selection, structural design, compliance, production, fulfillment and more. Most cannabis companies start partnering with specialized cannabis packaging design companies who manage the process from starting to finishing.

These agencies provide strategy, branding, graphic design and stay on top of packaging regulations. This allows cannabis brands to focus on producing great products while letting the experts handle packaging. Many new brands launching look to partner with established agencies to fast track packaging design.

Robust Compliance as Regulations Evolve

Packaging designers must adapt to changing cannabis laws and requirements to ensure compliance with packaging regulations. Child-resistant, tamper-evident and opaque packaging is standard across most legal markets.

Designers must navigate additional rules around labeling, content restrictions, health warnings and more. Partnerships with compliant packaging suppliers is key. Companies that keep up to date provide compliant templates other brands can easily adopt. With potential federal US legalization, national standards could emerge and require tweaks to existing packaging.

Finding the Right Packaging Designer for You

Picking the best cannabis packaging designer depends on your budget, brand, target market, and other factors. Large agencies offer robust capabilities but can be expensive. Boutique design firms provide personal attention and creative designs. Freelance designers are most cost-effective for early stage brands.

Make sure to view portfolios and examples of previous cannabis work. Look for designers familiar with unique compliance needs of the industry. The ideal partner brings fresh ideas to the table while ensuring your packaging ticks all the regulatory boxes.

Cannabis packaging design must adapt to changing consumer demands, new product innovations, and regulations as the market changes. Companies that invest in thoughtful packaging design are better positioned to thrive in the growing competitive landscape. Work with the right design experts to develop stand-out packaging that captures attention and delights cannabis consumers.

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