A well-designed package can breathe new life into a product. It can make an old brand feel fresh and exciting again. Some of the most successful companies have reinvented themselves through brilliant packaging redesigns. In this post, we’ll look at how changing the box or bottle can completely transform a brand’s image.

Reinventing an Icon: Coca-Cola

The Story of the Contour Bottle

Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic brands in the world. But in the 1900s, the packaging design was straightforward and unremarkable. In 1915, the company commissioned the design of a new bottle that became legendary.

The creators designed the contour bottle to be distinctive and recognizable even in the dark. The subtle curves were inspired by the shape of a cocoa bean. This daring packaging design idea was a huge success that transformed Coca-Cola into the brand we know today.

Reaching a New Audience: Beermakers

When Craft Beer Brands Evolve

Craft beer exploded in popularity over the last decade. Many small breweries used packaging design services to appeal to a younger demographic. Signature looks emerged like embossed labels, colored aluminum bottles, and retro typography.

Some companies have done great packaging redesigns. Boston Beer Company, also known as Samuel Adams, is one of them. Dogfish Head is another.

New Belgium, famous for Fat Tire, is also on the list. The new custom packaging designs on bottles and boxes made these brands feel modern, adventurous, and premium.


Healthy and Hip: Food Packaging Rebrands

Today’s Fresh Looks for Food Products

Big food brands continually rethink their packaging design to stay relevant. Some of the most striking redesigns have come from companies like Lean Cuisine, Snack Pack pudding cups, and Kashi cereal.

The new designs have modern fonts, vibrant colors, and sleek graphics to highlight the products as healthy, natural, and trendy choices. Suddenly these familiar items in the grocery aisles looked fresh and appealing to a new generation of shoppers.

Finding New Life in Classics: Beer and Spirits

Rereleasing Nostalgic Favorites in New Packages

For alcohol brands, package design is critical to a product’s image and perceived value. Makers of beer, wine, and spirits constantly explore new packaging design ideas to revive classic offerings. A few standout examples:

-Miller reinvented its iconic “Lite” beer with a crisp, retro-inspired new look on bottles and cans. -Crown Royal whiskey rereleased premium limited editions with gorgeous box packaging designs evoking its rich heritage. -Kahlua brought back its classic 1960s bottle design with a seductive new curved shape.

These packaging redesigns tapped into feelings of nostalgia while also looking premium and modern.


The Power of Packaging

Why the Box Matters So Much

People shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that we all do the same with products and packaging. The box or bottle or container is the first thing a consumer sees and experiences with an item. The packaging design forms those critical first impressions that can make or break a purchase decision.

Studies have shown that up to 70% of buying choices are influenced by the packaging alone. An iconic package design can increase brand recognition by over 80%. And over 50% of purchase failures stem from poor package design and messaging. With stakes that high, it’s no wonder top brands invest heavily in packaging redesigns and hire elite packaging design firms.

The packaging proves to be a silent salesperson on the shelf. It has to grab attention, convey the brand story, and convince shoppers to make the buy – all through visuals alone. When it comes to consumer goods, looks really are everything.

Package Redesign Case Studies

Successful Rebranding Transformations

Let’s look at a couple case studies to see the impact world-class packaging redesigns can have:

Tropicana Orange Juice (2009) The famous orange juice brand briefly altered its packaging design in a disastrous move. The new carton looked like a low-cost generic brand and moved away from the familiar straw-in-orange logo. The redesign flopped and the company reverted to its iconic previous packaging within months after sales dropped over 20%.

Oakley Sunglasses (2018) In contrast, Oakley’s futuristic new eyewear packaging scored a big win. The company switched to a sleek, curved plastic box that resembled the product’s edgy style. Inside was a premium micro-fabric pouch and an anti-fog wipe.

Overall, it elevated the unboxing experience to feel cutting-edge yet refined, mirroring Oakley’s brand positioning. The packaging redesign reinforced value perceptions.

These examples show that even small packaging adjustments can significantly impact brand equity and the bottom line. When executed strategically, new packaging becomes a powerful marketing asset.


The Future of Packaging Design

Innovative Directions Ahead

As brands continuously seek fresh ways to engage consumers, packaging design will keep evolving. A few packaging design trends gaining steam:

  • Augmented Reality Packaging – Using smartphone AI to overlay digital content and experiences onto physical packaging through apps.
  • Sustainable Materials – Eco-friendly alternatives like edible/biodegradable packaging to reduce environmental impact.
  • Unconventional Shapes/Structures – Unique package designs that blur the line between product and sculpture (e.g. Starbucks’ iconic Cup)
  • Connected/Smart Packaging – Chips and sensors embedded for automatic reordering, supply chain transparency, safety tracking, etc.
  • Mass Customization – Using new printing tech to enable cost-effective package customization/personalization for each customer.

Top packaging design companies will keep pushing creative boundaries to dream up the future of product packaging. It’s an inspiring frontier for innovative design.

The Best Packaging Design Firms

Finding Top Talent for Transforming Your Brand

When a product needs reinventing, companies turn to the best packaging design firms. Skilled packaging designers and design companies have the expertise to create iconic new looks. They have package design portfolios filled with innovative and influential redesigns across many product categories.

Tremendous brand value can be unlocked through smart, insightful packaging redesigns. The most successful packaging designers are able to reimagine a product’s personality in dazzling new ways. Skillfully executing the right packaging design ideas can revitalize any brand and help it reach new heights.

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