A poorly chosen color can completely derail your logo’s message, but the right color choice can increase readership engagement by up to 40 percent. Almost half of people (42 percent) say that blue is their favorite color, and 33 percent of the top 100 brands of 2016 had at least some blue incorporated into their logos. This could be a great reason to use blue, but following the crowd is not always the right choice. Is blue the right choice for your company? What shade of blue would be the most effective?

Logo color can increase engagement 40%

A company that can design a professional logo will be able to answer those questions and help you select the right color. Maybe a shade of blue does work for your logo. Perhaps a bolder choice will make your logo stand out from the competition. Choosing the right color for your logo and understanding what that color means has the potential to increase brand recognition by 80 percent and improve brand comprehension by up to 73 percent.