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Having your logo designed by an amateur

A logo designed by an amateur can miss the mark on consistency and originality, as well as where that imagery fits into your brand and how visible that symbol will become. Making any one of those common mistakes can cost you. It can cost you new customers. It can even cost you the trust of customers. If your logo is unprofessional, how can people trust that your company will not be the same?

Not rebranding your logo correctly

It might seem fun to switch up the color or font, but it will only degrade the company’s brand and the likelihood that the logo will be immediately recognized. If you decide to rebrand with a new logo, make sure you make the transition all at once. Do not leave images of your old logo on your website or social media sites to compete with the new logo you are trying to introduce. You may know better than to change a logo on a whim, but remember that you need to be able to reproduce the image reliably too. Does your in-house team have that ability?

Not having an original logo

A professional designer will be able to tell you with certainty that a logo design should be original. An online logo designer business is going to have a reputation that rests on originality. In addition to being able to create something unique, a professional designer is going to have a creative skill set that can produce a logo that does something unexpected. The logo might be something abstract but eye-catching. It could be more simple than you possibly imagined but sleek and easily recognizable. The goal of branding is to make your company stand out from the crowd. A logo that mimics one from another organization stands in the way of achieving that goal. Originality does not mean the logo has to be bigger, brighter or busier than logos that already exist. It means the design has to take your company’s unique brand and display it effectively, whether this means with bright text or a monochromatic color scheme. Professional designers have the ability to think outside of the box. Your logo represents your company – make sure it is as unique as you are.

Thinking an external company won’t understand your vision

Working with an online logo design service does not mean you are letting someone else tell your company’s story. Talk to your designer about your business. Share insight into its values and explain what you want the logo to communicate to your customers. A professional designer will be able to interpret what you have to say and translate it into a compelling image. The ultimate visibility goal is to have your logo become synonymous with your company. Customers can see your logo by itself, with no other words or advertisements, and immediately recognize it and know what it stands for. Think about Nike’s iconic and simple “swoosh” logo or McDonald’s golden arches. When you see those logos anywhere in any context, their companies immediately come to mind.

Not creating a recognizable logo

Starbucks has one of the most recognizable and visible logos in the world. Approximately 40 million photos are posted on Instagram every single day, and the Starbucks logo pops up in about 10,000 of those images. That is incredible visibility. Not every company’s logo is going to achieve that massive level of attention, but visibility is still an integral part of logo design. Visibility means the people you want to reach are seeing your logo. Even if your logo has a fantastic message, it’s useless if it is not reaching the intended audience. Visibility comes with a logo that appeals to your intended audience. Amateur designers can guess what graphic representation will resonate with an audience, but a professional is going to have much more precise execution.