how_to_get_started_netmen_reseller_programThe NetMen Corp’s white-label reseller program allows marketing and PR agencies to expand their capabilities and menu of services without increasing their bottom line. Our program is designed to give new and existing firms the opportunity to offer innovative design work to their clients without the risk, overhead, and hassle of cultivating an in-house design staff.  

The Benefits of Our Reseller Program

If you’ve been thinking about offering graphic design to your clients, there are a number of reasons why The NetMen reseller program is the right solution for your agency.

Cost Effective

It’s expensive to recruit and hire full-time designers, and the additional costs associated with adopting design technology can quickly add up. When you resell design services, you’re only paying for the work you send to us, which amounts to greater long-term savings.

Margins and Markup  

We offer reseller discounts to help ensure our partners can maintain healthy margins. Our prices are static, which means there are no surprises when you get your bill.

Improve Turnaround Time

When you’ve got a project ready to go, our team will jump in immediately, and within three days of receiving your creative brief, they will send you five to seven initial concepts for review.

Professional Quality

The NetMen Corp is a professional design agency and we create innovative and effective work. We understand how to help your clients communicate their message to their target audience.

Leverage Our Portfolio to Attract New Clients

As a reseller, you are able to use our designs in your company portfolio. You’ll be able to attract new and more profitable clients, and you’ll strengthen your relationship with your existing client base who will know they can reach out to you for their design needs.

Mitigate Risk

Much of the risk that comes from graphic design is rooted in a misunderstanding of a project’s scope or the amount of work it will require. We can help you understand the types of promises you should and should not make to clients when it comes to graphic design, and we can teach you how to price your projects so that you can turn a profit.

Focus on What You do Best

Your agency has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re trying to force your team into becoming top-notch designers, it means they can’t focus on their core competencies. Allow your employees to do what they do best, and let a professional designer handle the rest.

110 Percent Satisfaction

We make a promise to all of clients that we won’t stop working until they are 110 percent satisfied – and we extend that promise to our resellers and their clients, as well. Our teams revise and refine until a project exceeds expectations. Revisions are included as part of our flat-fee schedule, and there is never an extra charge for refining a design.

White-Label Service

When you choose to be a reseller of The NetMen Corp, we give you all the tools you’ll need to get started immediately. All of our client-facing materials can be customized by you to include your own logo and company information. 

Your Agency is More Than Just a Reseller

We understand that our resellers put a lot of trust in us to turn in work that will make them look like rock stars. We take that trust very seriously. Some design firms have two sets of rules – one set that applies to their direct clients, and another that applies to resellers. At The NetMen Corp, whether you are a reseller or a direct client, you will always receive exceptional service and top-notch work.

Getting Started with The NetMen Corp Reseller Program

We invite agencies of all sizes that are looking to offer affordable and unique graphic design services to partner with The NetMen Corp. Getting started is easy. Simply visit our website and fill out the short reseller form found here. We will send you a confirmation email letting you know that we received your submission, and within one business day you will hear from a member of our team about the next steps.

Whether your agency has more work than it can handle on its own, you’re looking to expand your menu of services, or you’re a new agency just breaking into the market, our reseller program can help you deliver innovative design at exceptional pricing.  For more information about our reseller program for agencies, contact The NetMen Corp today.

What to Expect in a Partnership with The NetMen Corp

About The Author:  is CEO of The Netmen Corp.