Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Have a Graphic Design Partner

Real estate is an industry that is generally defined by you, the real estate agent, but more specifically by the way you present yourself and do business. It is all about individuality and making yourself both relevant and important for your client base and the real estate community as a whole.

With so many professional real estate agents out there vying for the perfect piece of a prospect pie, it is easy to get overlooked by the potential clients. In order to escape this obstacle, you need to find a perfect way to advertise or market yourself. If your plans are to hire a professional graphic design agency to get your marketing materials designed, you are on the right path.

Today, you need to turn your focus on your branding materials as they play a vital role in attracting your target market. Your competitors are making good business by using exceptionally designed logos, brochures, business cards and other marketing materials.

Why you should be left behind in the race?

Great graphic design will make your current and prospective clients know more about you and the services you provide. It will create a truly value-based experience for your visitors. They will come to you as they will have the feeling you are a true real estate partner who will give help them out with their unique requirements.
A graphic designer can help you in many different ways. Developing marketing materials in a professional way is not an easy task. If you are not skilled in latest designing technology, you will not come up with good results. So, it becomes essential to hire a professional. The professional will help you fashion everything right from designing your real estate postcards, reports, banner ads, social posts and images. Before you hire a graphic design professional, it is important to find out what type of service you are looking for. Make a list of all the materials you want to get designed by your designer. This will help you deal with your graphic designer partner in a hassle-free way.

Identify your real estate graphic design needs first

It is obvious your graphic designer will have great sense of style and form, and the technical know-hows that go into effective design, but still you need to make sure whether he has the capability to understand your real estate market goals or not. Find out whether he specializes in real estate graphic design or not.

Many questions will pop up in your mind. Some of them could be

  • What is my budget?
  • What all marketing materials you want your graphic designer to provide?
  • Where you want to use your real estate collateral?
  • Is there any specific time when you want your branding materials to be posted?

See what others are doing

It is always recommended to keep a good eye on what others are doing in your real estate market. You should see what others are doing for their brand enhancement. Make a list of popular real estate brands and look what they are doing to establish their visual identities. Spend time to study their logos, brochures, business cards and other marketing materials. There might be some special aesthetic elements that really inspire you or attract you. Concentrate more on designing a logo that has a greater impact on your audience. Your logo should reflect your credibility in the real estate market. It should be something that people will remember even after they have seen it a limited number of times.

You should not only look at your competitors’ logo but also at their overall branding strategies. Be clear when you are discussing your preferences with your graphic designer properly. Otherwise how he will know what exactly they are looking for.

Determine where you want to put your design collateral

After you have a firm idea where exactly you want from your graphic designer, it’s time to find out where you want to use the design collateral. The first place where you would like to have your design collateral is your real estate website. Your website is the base of your marketing strategy. So, it is important to have your marketing materials there first. After your website, you should use them on your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus. Every social media platform has their own unique image sizes and layouts to allow users to display their logos. Make sure you inform the designer in advance about these specifications.

You can also use your design collateral in email marketing. Your email marketing template will have a unique and professional look if you use your logo on top of the template. You can also use them on your business cards, downloading marketing materials, listing presentations, and multimedia content.

Tips for choosing a professional real estate graphic designer

Custom Logo Design for Real Estate AgentsSometimes choosing a good real estate graphic designer becomes daunting if proper research is not carried out. You should select a designer who has significant amount of talent, devotion and creativity. You should conduct a research online to find a graphic designer with good knowledge, experience and skills. While questioning, ask the professionals whether they hold good knowledge and experience in real estate industry or not. There are many other things you need to consider, like their education, field of work, experience, reputation in the market, professionalism and more. Checking all this will help you hire a professional who will understand your requirements properly and provide you design stuff accordingly.

Hope you enjoyed reading the above post.

A graphic designer abreast with latest graphic design techniques will help you create your real estate promotional items for your business professionally.

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