In a word, yes. High-quality business cards can help you forge valuable business connections and bring in more work for your company. Whether you own a big or small business, you should invest in well-designed business cards to make the right impression on potential customers and collaborators.

Still not convinced that business cards can play a vital role in getting you more work and improving your network? Here are five ways a business card exchange with the right person can open new doors.

1. Show Your Dedication to High Quality

A polished business card puts your best foot forward when you meet someone new. When they see that your business card uses thick stock and has an eye-catching design, they know you cared enough to invest time and money. They assume you’ll do the same with your business.

2. Allow You to Display Your Personality

People want work to be an enjoyable experience. They want their collaborators to be pleasant people who get the job done right. A business card can display those qualities for you. They can model efficiency, with all your contact information laid out in an easy-to-read, medium-size font. They can also contain some creativity that hints at your personality. A business card should reflect your gentle humor, sense of caring or whatever makes you tick.

3. Ensure Nobody Has to Rely on Memory

How many times have you thought you’d remember something important, only to have it slip from your mind just a couple of hours later? When we meet someone, it’s easy to convince ourselves that we’ll remember their name or company website. But chances are, we’ll get it at least slightly wrong. Without a business card, there’s no easy way to track someone down.
A business card provides a firm connection between you and the person you want to do business with. It’s so easy to hand one over at the end of the conversation, with no pressure to contact you if they aren’t interested — but every opportunity to do so if they are.

4. Never Run out of Battery Power

You may think that a business card seems dated in the digital age. Actually, technology can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. When you have someone’s contact information on a card, you can look up their phone number when you need it. If you had merely entered their number into your phone, you could have put in the wrong digits, or you may not be able to access the contact information when the battery has run down.

5. Show a More Personal Touch

Having someone tap your number into their phone when you meet them can be a distraction and take some time. With a business card, you’ll know they have the correct spelling of your name, address and any other information you choose to present. In addition, you can hand it over in just a moment, keeping the intimacy of your connection intact.
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