Whether your company is expanding, changing its focus, or just deciding to refresh your image, rebranding is a comprehensive but rewarding process. Deciding on the right logo and slogan is half the battle — then you need to decide the best way to announce the rebrand and organize a successful launch day. Without it, you could lose your customers if they fail to recognize your new brand or don’t respond to it the same way they did before.

Here’s everything you need to know about creating a new logo and updating your branding.

Start With a New Logo

It all starts with the logo. At the beginning of the process, brainstorm exactly why you want a new logo. Do you want something more youthful? More modern? Or maybe something retro that evokes memories? Detail your answers to these questions and then consider the best logo that will communicate that point.
It’s also vital to understand your audience. The way people respond to your logo can make or break your business. For example, a mascot may not work as a logo for a financial institution, while a more serious abstract mark won’t work for a fast food restaurant. Start designing once you have a handle on what you want and your audience wants. Don’t rush the launch though, since you should give yourself plenty of time to refine your logo.

How to Announce a Rebrand

Creating your rebrand is only a small part of the process. Start planning how to introduce your new branding early. Get people used to your new branding by hyping it up on social media first. Post teaser photos about an announcement coming, or test out what people think of your new logo by changing your Instagram or Facebook profile images. Don’t do too much right away, since an abrupt change could drive people away.
Make sure that everything incorporates this new identity from your website, social media accounts, marketing materials, signage, business cards, email signatures and more. Sometimes it’s helpful to switch all of this over at night when people aren’t as active online.

Announcing Launch Day

One of the best ways to announce a rebrand is to put everything in your own words. Launch your new company branding by writing a blog post that you can share on social media and beyond. Talk about the reason behind your new brand and logo, and where you see the company going in the future. If many of your clients are local, consider holding a fun event that is dedicated to celebrating your new brand.
Remember that there’s no single way to launch a new brand. Focus on events and strategies that will resonate with your staff and your audience. If you’re having trouble designing a logo that fits your updated strategy, contact The NetMen Corp today. Our talented designers can help you create an illustration, logo, or mascot that will complete your rebranding efforts.