Think about it, have you ever met someone who doesn’t have an email address? You probably receive a number of emails yourself every day. Almost 40% of the world’s population uses email regularly – that’s already a big chunk, but to put it into perspective, that’s about 3 billion people around the world who use email.

With so many people on a platform, anyone would know that it provides businesses with a powerful way to connect with people and expand their consumer base.

If the numbers on their own aren’t enough to convince you, here are some more reasons:

More Effective than Social Media

Of course, social media is an essential component of any marketing strategy and is a great way to strengthen relationships and interact with your audience. But when it comes to conversion, email marketing wins by a long shot. This is because email marketing is more personal than social media – the emails from the company are sitting next to the emails from family and friends, and only for their eyes.

You can also create personalized email marketing campaigns that target customers them specifically, which will increase the likelihood of prospects becoming buyers. This is why about 80% of respondents in a research study held in 2016 said that the most effective form of marketing for them was email.


Email marketing allows companies to reach large numbers of consumers and prospects at barely any price. This is a better option for smaller business owners, who are probably on a budget. Since the highest rate of acquisition is due to commercial emails, it also brings in the greatest ROI.


You probably don’t realize it yourself, but people are trained to act on emails. Whether you end up doing so or not, you will still know how to act on it. Reply, forward, click, sign up, or even head off to the website and make a purchase. When you keep that in mind while running a business, you can use this ‘training’ to drive traffic towards your website and ultimately end up with a few buyers. Email is inherently transactional, and using this to your advantage could lead to a significantly higher return.


Commercial emails don’t involve any guess-work. While you can’t tell if your emails were seen when sending them out privately, you can tell who opened them when you’re using email marketing. There are ways to track who opened your email, which device they opened it on, what links they clicked, and whether they unsubscribed or not. You don’t need a very complicated analysis to see how effective your email marketing strategy was.


Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. This is great for you, because now your emails will reach your consumers wherever they are, and the application will also notify them that they have a new email. Nowadays, people tend to check their emails all day, every day. Most people may think that social media may result in an email being pushed to the side, but this is not true. Email is still a big part of people’s lives.

Email marketing has seemingly endless potential, and businesses can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity it presents. Not using email would mean missing out on a channel where most of the world can be found.

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