The world of design is continuously changing. Every year, there is a new set of design rules to make and break, and what seems cutting-edge and trendy one day could be outdated the next. Every designer will naturally want to make their work feel relevant, and there is no better way to do that than to keep yourself in touch with the design headlines.

Entering 2020, anyone would want to know what kind of design trends will be the rage for the year.


Branding has always been important, from the very beginning, even before the term was coined. Still, nowadays, people are finally starting to understand that branding is more than just a logo. With so much interaction with brands over digital spaces, business owners and designers alike are now beginning to understand how important it is for a brand’s appearance and content to be cohesive and impactful, to solidify a positive brand identity in the minds of consumers. This will then lead to better design in terms of logos, websites, social media, and even business cards!

Custom Typography

Everyone knows what the font ”Times New Roman” looks like. If fifty brands make their logo using the same generic, standard fonts, which one stands out? The answer is none of them! And they are now starting to figure that out too. There are so many competitors out there, no matter what your industry and one of the easiest ways to stand out is to use a font that is specific to you and you alone. When someone says ‘Walt Disney,’ you think of a very specific font, don’t you? Every brand wants that, so they are now starting to invest in custom typography.


In the past, designers have focused more on minimalism – black Helvetica on a white background is everyone’s go-to when they’re blank on design, but there’s only so much personality you can put into your design if your color palette is so limited. However, designers are now starting to use more and brighter colors that stand out and create that contrast with other elements to capture attention. Minimalism is sophisticated but bold, neon colors give your design that playfulness that would make your brand’s identity fun.

Injecting Art into Design

Graphic design is a form of art, but definitely not the only form of art. Over the past few years, designers have stuck to using only simple vector design elements for their work, but that trend is now changing. Other forms of art, like illustration, animation, and photography, are now being incorporated into designs to get away from the two-dimensional, flat designing. You no longer have to make a choice between illustration and computer-generated graphics, because many designers are now merging the two to give more personality and expression to the design.

As always, design elements keep changing, and new ones keep materializing. While these are just some of the trends expected of 2020, who knows what the future holds?

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