When you go to a restaurant, you instinctively rate your food based on its appearance before taking a bite. How the food is presented to you either prompts you to try it, or makes you wish you had ordered something else.

Your product’s packaging design works in a similar way. Even if you have a killer product up for grabs, you can mess up your sales by paying little to no heed on its packaging design.

Here’s how product packaging design helps in branding.

Creates a Good First Impression

Customers see your product’s packaging before they get to witness the actual product. Whether it’s on the shelves at a store, on your website or Facebook page, or even on an Instagram influencer’s unboxing story, the first aspect your customers see of your product is its packaging design.

Don’t take your packaging design lightly. It doesn’t matter if your product comes in a tiny glass bottle, a flexible bag, or a plastic box. You need to use your product packaging to create a stellar first impression, and to do this, you need to work on your packaging design strategy. This is especially important if you’re selling something your customers already have plenty of other options to choose from. With an eye-catching packaging design, you’ll be able to differentiate your product from other similar products, and attract more customers.

assortment of food products in a grocery store

According to research, an average consumer typically takes 10–13 seconds to make a purchasing decision. This means you have roughly 10 seconds to lure in buyers with your packaging design. The better that first impression is on the buyer, the more likely they are to invest in your product.

Creates a Unique Brand Identity

Your packaging design also plays a role in telling your brand’s story and establishing its unique brand identity. How you display your brand logo and trademarks, the color palette you adopt, and the fonts you use all reflect your brand image. Cumulatively, they enable customers to instantly recognize your product and associate the design with your brand.

This why many brands stick to their initial product packaging design strategies even after their brand has become a well-known name in the industry. Pepsi still uses a blue color palette for its products. Similarly, you can recognize Disney merchandize instantly by the trademark Mickey ears. A good packaging design strategy allows brands to create a unique and memorable identity for themselves.

Pepsi cans with their traditional blue and white color scheme

Helps Brands Communicate with Customers

Finally, your packaging design also gives you an opportunity to communicate with your customers. It can be as colorful and funky as you prefer, while also being informative. The packaging design aims to answer a bunch of common questions your customers are likely to have, such as:

  • Who is this product for?
  • What is the purpose of this product?
  • (When) Does the product expire?
  • How will the product add value to my life?

With a strong packaging design, you can put these questions to rest.

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