Having a website with an e-commerce platform for your business is the bare minimum you can do in today’s digital landscape. If you want to convert your visitors into customers, you need to make things as easy and convenient for them as possible.

Here are a few web design tips you should get behind ASAP.

woman visiting a website using her laptop

Include Clear Navigation Pathways

Imagine walking into a superstore where items seem to have been placed haphazardly. The fruit stand is next to a collection of stationery, cleaning supplies are on the same shelf as baking utensils, and there’s a big basket upfront containing a random assortment of objects. You won’t know where to look for the items on your shopping list.

A poorly structured website without a clear navigation guide has the same effect. If your pages are clustered with information, your visitors will feel overwhelmed by the options being displayed and will find it difficult to navigate through your website. If things get too confusing, they’ll abandon your website altogether.

Make sure you have a search bar that allows your users to find what they’re looking for. Compartmentalize the information you have in store by sticking to the three-click rule. This way, your visitors won’t have to make more than three clicks to get to a specific page. You can also apply the Hick’s Law on certain sections of your website to break down the information available, and make it easier for visitors to navigate the website.

man navigating through an ecommerce store using his phone

Work on Your Page Loading Speed

Another thing you need to focus on is your page loading speed. According to the 2019 Page Speed Report, slow loading significantly lowers the chances of visitors making purchases through your website or returning to it later. Online shoppers want to shop as quickly as possible, and if your website loads too slowly, they’ll simply turn to a competitor’s website or abandon the idea altogether.

To get more conversions, make sure your page speed is up to the mark. Since loading speed also affects your SEO rankings, boosting it will further enhance your website’s visibility, and help you generate more traffic to convert to leads and eventually, to customers.

Have Visible Call-To-Action Buttons

Finally, apply easy-to-spot call-to-action buttons on each of your web pages. These should be strategically placed where they’re most visible and can prompt a response from visitors for conversions.

The CTA buttons shouldn’t be placed against a dark color scheme where they’re less visible. If your web layout has a dark color palette, you should use lighter colored banners or buttons to highlight your CTA. You can also place more than one CTA button on a given page for greater chances of conversion.

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