Here are three reasons why all businesses should consider investing in a professionally designed company brochure.

With the world around us going digital, does it still make sense to invest in a professionally designed company brochure? You bet it does! In addition to your social networking, website, marketing, and advertising efforts, a company brochure is a vital component of the branding process.

well-designed business brochure

If you’re not familiar with what a brochure is, it’s a crucial piece of literature that reminds customers about your products/services, and keeps the face of your brand in their hands—as well as their heads.

The following are some key benefits of having a professionally designed company brochure.

An Unparalleled Trust Builder

Modern consumers tend to be skeptical. They seldom buy from brands they don’t trust. You see, in this day and age, making purchases isn’t just something we do, it’s an experience. Having an online presence, of course, helps in establishing a strong relationship with customers. However, the key to quickly developing trust lies in leveraging the power of one of the most effective marketing tools around—the brochure.

A well-designed brochure provides your prospect with concise, clear information, helping them quickly find the facts they want and need, and makes it easier for them to justify buying your service/product.

Attracts Technophobes

When developing a marketing strategy, many companies seem to forget that for every few impressionable, tech-savvy targets, there’s at least one technophobe who’s not in sync with the digital world. This is where a well-designed company brochure comes in. It can help you tap into this often overlooked segment of the market.

So, while it’s important to have an online presence, you should remember that there are many consumers that still appreciate holding a well-designed paper brochure. And it’s not just technophobes that appreciate the traditional company brochure; sometimes, people just want to go “offline”.

Boosts Credibility

A professionally designed, well thought out brochure puts your brand directly in the customers’ hands, instantly boosting your company’s credibility. There are few better ways of spiking consumer interest than bundling a beautiful company brochure with your sales pitch, leaving it to be taken away from your reception, or handing it out at your stall at trade shows.

In the sales cycle, a great early method of communication is being able to physically hand over your company brochure when face-to-face with a prospect.

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