When you think of Coke, you think red and white. Pepsi is blue and red, McDonald’s is red and yellow.

Most established brands and businesses use the concepts of color psychology to create and cement their brand identity and personality. They use a mix of different colors to come up with a color scheme that’ll establish their brand.

Different colors are associated with different meanings, and often one color is associated with several meanings. Here’s how different industries employ the different meanings and associations of colors to promote their brand identity.


In the aviation industry, blue is associated with trustworthiness and dependability. Security and responsibility are among the major traits that those in the aviation industry must have to succeed, making it an ideal color for airline logos.

Red is also associated with warmth, through which airlines such as Virgin Air attempt to advertise their hospitable services.

Yellow is associated with happiness, so airlines using yellow in their logos appeals to the optimistic side of the consumer.


Restaurants need to use eye-catching colors to attract people to their business. Red is thought to stimulate hunger and is used by numerous famous chains such as KFC, McDonald’s, and more. The color red is known to draw people in, give people energy, and make them feel more excited. Since it speeds up the blood flow and metabolism, it makes the viewer hungry, making it a perfect fit for restaurant chains.

The color green is associated with well-being and health, and the color blue paired with pink is associated with sweetness, used to promote products containing sugar.

A person eating McDonald's French fries


The pharmaceutical industry appeals to numerous aspects of a person’s psychology. Blue, due to its association with dependability, well-being, cleanliness, and health, is a very common color across this industry, seen in the logos of infamous brands such as Pfizer.

Green is associated with nature, and therefore health and vitality, which is an ideal color to portray healing and wellness.

Orange is associated with optimism and is a youthful color that’s associated with happiness and confidence, appealing to the consumer’s spirit.

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