By all accounts, 2022 appears to be the year of testing the conventional limits of digital marketing. Already we’ve seen the focus on shorter videos propel long-video hosting sites like YouTube to support the shorter format. Video isn’t the only social media content that’s seen a bit of a revolution this year.

The goal: attract traffic and do everything to ensure they stick around.

Let’s delve into some of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2022 and how The NetMen Corp’s professional design services can help your business embrace these strategies.

1. Content Continues to Reign Supreme

Unless marketers understand the kind of content the crawlers and audience want to see, the content will continue to be a rare and highly sought-after feat. If there’s anything we’ve learned from Google analysts, you must make your content count. Instead of paraphrasing what’s already out there, you need to work hard, create something from nothing, and contribute more to the existing content.

The length of your content doesn’t matter, nor does the complexity of your designs. Keep interaction at the forefront when creating content for your website, social media, or guest content hosting sites, and visitors will surely be drawn to your story.

2. Renewed Focus on Personalization

Personalized marketing means developing one-of-a-kind content, emails, products, and press release that appeal to your target audience’s interests. Below are some examples of brands that have succeeded on personalization alone:

  • Amazon: Amazon’s recommended products are tailored to consumer behavior. The company uses artificial intelligence to memorize customer buying habits and personalizes recommendations accordingly.
  • EasyJet: The airline company launched an email campaignsolely based on their customers’ personal travel history. Their personalized emails were interactive and made suggestions for future travel destinations. In the end, they generated a 25% higher click rate than regular emails.
  • Starbucks: The coffee chain doesn’t just allow customers to customize their drinks and studies purchase history and geographical data to customize its rewards and whatnot.

Personalized marketing campaigns make your target audience feel valued because they show that you aren’t mass producing emails, products, and content but investing in technology and graphic design services to produce original content for each visitor.

A Phone Screen Displaying Various Apps Like Amazon, Apple Store, Netflix, Tile, etc.

3. Engagement Through Social Media Stories

Stories are a feature on several social media channels like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. A 24-hour time limit is what makes these posts different from regular posts. Since being introduced on Snapchat, they’ve spread like wildfire across social media platforms, especially Instagram, where 86.6% of users post stories.

Here’s how you can use stories to engage with your audience:

  • Link them to your website, products, or files.
  • Display positive feedback.
  • Mention other brands and sponsors.
  • Invite your audience to a live stream.
  • Use them as calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • Display products and services directly provided on your social media platform.

4. The Year for Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the idea of taking your marketing efforts to more than one platform to generate more buzz. Today, you can simultaneously promote your brand via email, blog, social media, and other digital and traditional methods.

With a little bit of outsourcing and a lot of AI technology, you can implement an omnichannel marketing strategy that will convey your message to the audience and help you develop personalized content to offer three times more engagement than a single-channel marketing strategy. It’s the need of the hour and an excellent opportunity to increase interest in your brand.

5. Environmental Marketing is the Future

Like it or not, you cater to The Sustainability Generation, also known as Gen Z. They are why you’ve adopted digital marketing over less sustainable traditional marketing methods. Therefore, you must also embrace a green marketing strategy.

Green or environmental marketing promotes the sustainable aspects of products and services. These aspects may not have motivated the previous generations to buy what you’re selling, but they are practically the only reason the modern generation will buy from you.

A Brown Package Labeled Plastic Free, Compostable, Recycled, and Biodegradable

Here’s how you can adopt and then promote the manufacturing process of your products:

  • Print labels like recycled, biodegradable, compostable, andplastic free on your products.
  • Reduce packaging materials.
  • Produce fewer disposable products.
  • Endorse eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Adopt green practices in your workplace

You can tout these aspects of your business to promote a brand identity that aligns with what the current generation wants to see and improve customer retention.

6. Efficient Mobile Shopping

Mobile eCommerce may not be a digital marketing strategy, per se, but people are automatically drawn to it when it’s more efficient. With mobile shopping sales projected to reach $430 billion in 2022, it’s clear where most traffic is buying products and services.

The key for your online business is to make not only mobile eCommerce user-friendly but also accessible through attractive CTAs. You can also promote your mobile shopping platform by availing digital illustration services. Capitalize on the recent wave through the following:

  • A responsive and professionally designed website.
  • Insert large and clickable CTAs.
  • Use your space wisely: always have a search bar at the top to make products and services searchable.
  • Personalize the online shopping experience like Amazon and Netflix.
  • Make the checkout process short, simple, and clean.
  • Provide a secure yet diverse shopping channel with multiple payment options.

 A Graphic Design of an Online Shopping Experience Showing a Customer Holding a Phone in One Hand and Steering a Stacked Shopping Cart with the Other

7. The Surge of Amazon Ads

If you’ve been running ads on Google and Facebook, you might want to expand your reach to Amazon. Boasting a $31.2 billion ad revenue in 2021, the retail giant with its 200 million Prime customers is a must-have marketing tactic in 2022.

The platform studies in-house data and consumer habits instead of relying on third-party data to advertise your products and services to the right customers. It targets customers by their purchase history and intent. For instance, if a customer actively searches for Bluetooth speakers and you have an ad on Amazon, the platform would advertise your Bluetooth speakers to that customer.

The best thing about Amazon is that it’s still quite new in the ad landscape but has too many resources to pass up. Before this platform is saturated with ads, please make the most of it through display adssponsored product and brand recommendations, and product portfolios.

8. Faster Websites Will Lead Rankings

The online audience is increasingly impatient. They’ll open multiple links for the same product and click on the first website to open. It won’t hurt them in the least; they’ll still get what they were looking for and might not even mind paying an extra buck if the checkout is smooth and efficient.

However, if your website doesn’t have any of the above, you might struggle to get clicks, which won’t go unnoticed by the search engine’s algorithm. The result: your ranking will take a blow. Load speed has always been a priority for Google, but it’ll be even more important this year now that Google has launched Core Web Vitals.

We suggest improving the website’s loading time across all devices to expand your reach quickly and effectively.

9. Include Native Advertising in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Disruptive ads run rampant on Facebook, and Netflix has partnered with Microsoft for an ad-supported subscription, defeating the point of streaming. This might be good news for an advertiser, but it isn’t winning any points with the audience.

This is the time to look at your visitors’ interests instead of your own. If you don’t want your ad to be the victim of an ad blocker, try native advertising. As the name suggests, native ads seem to belong in the content. They’re seamlessly incorporated into a web page, following its format, so much so that even the consumers will have a hard time telling them apart.

Native advertising is a smart way to promote your brand—we wouldn’t be surprised if next year’s digital marketing trends started recommending them as a reputation management strategy. You might as well get a head start by recruiting our brand identity design services.

10. The Fall of Third-Party Cookies and Rise of First-Party Data

You don’t need a case study to tell you that Amazon has always relied on first-party data to study consumer habits. Its success story will also be the story for thousands of brands, and it’s all because of Google, which has stopped supporting third-party cookies on Chrome as of 2022 to ensure user privacy and increase ad revenue.

Without third-party data, you can focus on first-party data and use it to create a more personalized marketing strategy. You can study the purchase history, purchase intent, browsing history, social interactions, and preferences of a certain individual on your platform to develop a consumer-centric marketing strategy.

Fortunately, you can harness this data using tools like Google Analytics to create content and sell products and services from a consumer’s perspective. It might seem daunting at first, but the rewards are well worth the effort, as seen in Amazon’s case.

11. Local SEO Will Take Priority

Local SEO represents and promotes your business in the local community. It’s never been more imperative for brick-and-mortar businesses to set up their Google My Business profile and provide the following information to become visible on localized searches:

  • Working hours and days
  • Location(s)
  • Links to website and social media.
  • Pricing
  • Products and services.
  • Google reviews

12. Optimizing for Other Search Engines

Google might be the leading search engine, but it’s not the only one out there. It sees some healthy competition through Bing and Baidu. The search engine has slowly but steadily lost users since 2018, whereas Bing and Baidu have seen an increase in traffic.

There could be any number of reasons for this downward trend, but breach of privacy is the leading suspect. For all its technology, Google has overlooked the increase in its privacy-conscious audience.

As more users who prioritize the privacy of their data enter browsers, Google will continue to lose favor. All that to say: you must optimize your content for search engines other than Google. Things might get better on Chrome, but for now, it can’t hurt to expand your reach beyond one search engine.

13. Rising Demand for User-Generated Content

User-generated content is anything coming from the user’s end. This could be anything from written reviews to YouTube testimonials to influencers using your products and services. This content is the virtual equivalent of word-of-mouth but better because online platforms aren’t limited to political borders.

Encourage your users to tag you when they post videos or images of your products and services on social media. For example, if you own a luxury clothing brand, you can ask your customer to mention your business in the comments. The more you harness their social media following, the more you can expand your reach.

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