Creating impactful visual content is vital today, but building in-house design teams has challenges. White label graphic design solves this through partnerships between firms and graphic design resellers.

What is White Label Graphic Design?

White labeling means a company provides goods or services that other businesses can brand as their own to resell. For example, a t-shirt manufacturer produces blank shirts for decorators to customize and market. Similarly, graphic design companies create templates that web design resellers direct, adapt and deliver under their own branding. The client only sees the reseller they hired.

Why Become a Graphic Design Reseller?

Establishing fully internal creative teams requires substantial investment into talent across design, copywriting and digital implementation. Transitioning to a white label model provides many benefits like:

Lower Overheads

Marking up existing templates means avoiding large staffing/tech costs but retaining profits.

Access Top Talent

Get exceptional work equivalent to premier graphic design companies in Miami without extensive recruitment struggles. There are many professional graphic design agencies that offer senior level graphic design services.

Customization Ability

Most white label providers allow adapting standard assets to match reseller branding styles and unique client requests.


Operational Simplicity

Only manage a sales process focused on client needs instead of complex, multi-disciplinary creative development.

Win-Win Services to Offer Clients

To become a one-stop design solution, be sure to resell services including:

Logo Design Services

A logo forms the cornerstone of brand recognition. An iconic, memorable logo instantly conveys what a company does while shaping perceptions of credibility and quality. As a graphic design reseller, offer multiple logo design options, from typographic to abstract marks to mascot-driven. Make sure file formats support both digital and print mediums.

Flyer design online

Well-designed flyers help even small businesses promote events, discounts or services effectively through print and digital channels. As a design reseller, supply social media-ready flyer templates targeting different niches – from restaurant openings to retail sales flyers to non-profit fundraisers and more. Offer eye-catching layouts and on-brand fonts so clients simply plug in their details.

Custom business stationary

The letterhead, business cards, and envelopes businesses use for formal communication convey critical first impressions. As a stationery reseller, provide premium stationery design templates editable with clients’ logo, branding colors, contact info and more. Offer options across paper finishes, edge treatments, foil accents, dimensional techniques and packaging to elevate credibility.

Bifold brochure

For companies producing physical brochures, bifold designs deliver information concisely while enabling visuals on both panels. As a brochure reseller, carry bifold layouts for trims sizes from 8.5×11” down to small squares. Help clients organize titles, descriptive copy, images and calls-to-action cleanly. Output print-ready PDFs that clients simply take to commercial printers.

Web design reseller

A polished website drives ongoing brand exposure and enables 24/7 sales. As a white label web design reseller, supply a wide variety of website templates targeted to common business types. Provide responsive layouts, visually aligned with logo assets and stationery suites.

Program key integrations for ecommerce, lead capture or appointments. Deliver both design files and hosted launch.

Corporate mascot

Mascots inject personality and approachability into branding. As a mascot reseller, offer illustrated character templates as lighthearted brand ambassadors in advertising or at live events.

Supply base human and animal illustrations in a variety of poses and expressions, adapting details to match company attributes. Deliver vector and raster files for both print and digital use. Bundling end-to-end services provides immense value to clients while building loyalty.

Key Benefits for Your Reseller Business

As shown, white labeling graphic design brings multiple advantages:

Own Client Relationships

Manage communication directly instead of going through agencies.

Control Branding & Styles

Steer creative direction aligned with your reseller branding styles and ideal client preferences.

Target Specific Customers

Offer tailored design packages to niche B2B and B2C client groups instead of one-size-fits all agency bundles. If you are planning to offer white label, selecting smaller niches, or specializing in different services might be helpful. For example, you should specialize in what you are best at: web design, email marketing, landing page development, etc.

Start with White Label Graphic Design.

Becoming a graphic design reseller and establishing white label partnerships may seem daunting at first. But following a few key steps will set you up for success:

Research Providers

There are a growing number of white label graphic design firms to consider. Assess options by services offered, design quality and customization capabilities. Prioritize providers with diverse assets spanning logo, stationery, brochure and web design. Having assets for niche needs like illustrated mascots is a bonus.

Create Client Packages

Bundle the most popular assets into packaged offerings for different types of businesses. For example, an online brand launch package could include logo options, a brand style guide, website homepage layouts, social media banners and more. Preset bundles streamline what clients need to buy. If you are working with a white label agency, deciding on set combo packages can be the best to have a streamlined process.

Set Profit Margins

Determine your pricing markups per asset package, factoring in what your target customer niches can bear and reasonable profit goals. Many resellers charge 2 to 3 times the base price per package. Allow some wiggle room for discounts and custom efforts.

Formalize Reseller Agreements

Before transacting business, formalize relationships with one or more white label providers through official reseller agreements. Outline terms for matters like: asset pricing structure, geographic exclusivity permissions, marketing obligations, trademark usage policies and more. Many providers offer tiered partnerships based on sales volume too.

When looking for white label design services, you should always make sure to formalize the agreement of what will be included.

Market Your Services Assertively

With design assets and partnerships locked down, focus aggressively on getting the word out about your new offerings. Give your graphic design reseller business a distinct brand and identity through assets you resell, like a bold logo and professional website. Advertise online through Google Ads as well as local channels to find customers seeking design services in your area.

Consider offering free design audits or discounted introductory packages to gain new clients quickly and demonstrate your assets in action.

Provide Exceptional Client Service

While you handle sales, presentation and delivery, your value lies in client interactions and steering design work to their satisfaction. Invest time into understanding each companies’ needs and what assets could solve them.

Provide thoughtful guidance to white label teams on customizing solutions. Then wow customers with polished results tailored around their brand challenges and growth goals. Follow up continually to uncover new opportunities and make yourself an indispensable growth partner through design.

In summary, white label services allows delivering stellar visual assets minus typical agency hassles. The outcome? Lucrative ventures with satisfied and loyal clients.

The NetMen Corp is a graphic design agency in Miami. We offer custom logo design services, white label websites, corporate identity design, stationery design, and more. If you are looking for affordable design services, you found the right partner.