Every company wants customers to recognize their brand. A great way to achieve this is with a mascot. A mascot is a fun character that represents your company. It helps people remember your business.


Mascots are different from logos. A logo is a symbol or stylized text that identifies your brand. A mascot is an actual character, often with human-like traits. This friendly face gives your company more personality.

Many big companies use both a logo and a mascot together. Think of the famous Michelin Man character along with the Michelin tire logo. Or Ronald McDonald combined with the golden arches of McDonald’s.

Why Do You Need a Mascot?

There are many benefits to having a corporate mascot for your business:

  • Mascots make your brand memorable. Company mascots stick in people’s minds better than just a plain logo. Mascots are colorful, eye-catching characters that are hard to forget once seen.
  • Mascots create emotional connections. People can relate to mascots in a way they can’t with logos alone. We develop feelings towards lovable mascot characters like attachment, trust and fondness. This builds brand loyalty.
  • Mascots amuse and entertain. Who doesn’t smile when they see the giggling Pillsbury Doughboy or Snap, Crackle and Pop, the playful Rice Krispies mascots? Mascots bring fun and laughter to your marketing.
  • Mascots make products seem friendly and approachable. A corporate mascot humanizes your product or service. It makes your offering seem friendly and familiar rather than cold or impersonal. Think of the happy GEICO Gecko selling insurance.

For all these reasons, many top brands choose to hire mascot logo and mascot design companies. They understand how valuable an engaging mascot character can be.


Examples of Great Mascot Logo Designs

To get inspiration for your own company mascot design, let’s look at some unforgettable mascot logo examples:

The Energizer Bunny – This tireless pink mascot with powerful drumming skills cleverly promotes Energizer’s long-lasting batteries with humor.

Mr. Clean. This strong bald man with an earring represents strength and cleanliness for the Mr. Clean brand of home care products.

Tony the Tiger. For decades, Frosted Flakes has used this big friendly orange tiger as their roaring mascot, embodying the “Grrreat!” message.

Buzz the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee. Buzz’s cheerful persona helps sell the idea that this cereal contains delicious honey and nuts.

The Kool-Aid Man. This unforgettable mascot literally bursts through walls shouting “Oh Yeah!” to deliver Kool-Aid’s message of fun refreshment.

These are just a few examples of creative and memorable mascot logo designs. Each character was custom-made to fit the brand’s personality and products.

Tips for Designing Your Own Mascot

If you decide your company needs a new mascot logo design, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a character that represents your business focus, idea or values. The mascot should be a good fit.
  • Give your mascot visual appeal with bright colors, distinct shapes and expressive features.
  • Consider practicality for mascot costumes, marketing materials and merchandise.
  • Develop your mascot’s unique personality through a name, catch phrases and signature poses.
  • Get inspiration from existing company mascots but ensure yours stands out as original.

The mascot design process takes thought and creativity. Many brands hire professional graphic designers and marketing experts for this task.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Mascots

While mascots may seem like a lighthearted branding tactic, their impact is anything but trivial. Mascots have the ability to deeply connect with consumers on an emotional level.

Many of the world’s biggest brands such as KFC, Pringles, Cheetos, and Sun Maid have iconic mascots that have become ingrained in pop culture. These lovable characters have been part of successful marketing campaigns for decades.

Mascots Breed Brand Loyalty Customers form bonds with mascots that can span generations. The mascot almost becomes like an old friend that households welcome back year after year. This breeds incredible brand loyalty that competitors struggle to replicate.

Kids especially develop strong attachments to mascots from a young age. As they grow older, this nostalgic connection remains strong. Having a relatable mascot gives brands staying power that plain logos cannot achieve alone.

Mascots are noticeable in the online world. Nowadays, it’s more difficult for brands to get noticed in the busy digital space.” However, mascots proven to cut through the noise remarkably well.


With their vibrant designs and distinct personalities, mascots are extremely share-worthy and meme-able across social media platforms. Smart brands capitalize on this by creating engaging shareable content featuring their mascots.

Likewise, at live events and experiential marketing activations, costumed mascots have an uncanny ability to attract crowds and cameras. Mascots give brands an automatic edge in getting noticed.

Mascots have unlimited potential across various types of media and merchandise due to their versatility. From commercials to video games and plush toys, mascot characters greatly expand brand visibility.

Well-designed mascots can become timeless brand assets that can be reimagined and monetized in new ways for decades to come. They become valuable intellectual property.

While some may dismiss mascots as childish marketing strategies, savvy brands understand their cultural significance and ability to generate substantial revenue. Iconic mascots are the epitome of transcendent branding that resonates in profound ways.

Overall, a well-designed corporate mascot can be an invaluable asset. It makes your business stand out, attracting loyal long-term customers. So if you haven’t already, consider bringing a friendly mascot character into your marketing mix!

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