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What should my logo look like for my packaging?

Here are some pieces of advice to consider when designing your company’s logo: Look at competitor logos. How do you want to be different and stand out? Keep in mind not to be too extreme to the point where your logo doesn’t make sense. You still need to communicate the core message of your product to your customers. You need to focus on their needs and the underlying desire that’s driving them to your product. Make a logo that is clean and easy to reproduce. Use simple design to create an image and avoid using photographs or clip art. You want your logo to look good being copied or faxed, too. A simple logo will be easy to remember, and a unique logo is hard to forget. Avoid cliché. Be original. Design a logo that is easily recognizable in small, simple ways. For example, think of the Apple logo again. Rather than being just an apple, it’s an apple with a bite taken out of it. A little personal touch makes a big difference. Design a logo that is visually balanced. Remember, you want to draw the eye’s attention and hold it there. Don’t make a logo that is all over the place and difficult to process. Add motion to your logo. This is especially helpful if your logo is a living creature, but it can be applied to images of inanimate objects, too. By creating an image that is caught in motion, you are telling a story. You are energizing an image and creating interest. Consider your company name when designing your logo. Both need to work together in communicating your company’s message. Create a logo that illustrates your product’s main benefit. What’s special about your product? What will your customer enjoy most about your product? Again, know the message you want to communicate that differentiates you from your competitors. Don’t try to fit in. Be original and avoid trendiness. Any changes you want to make to reach a wider audience, do so gradually. You don’t want to lose customer loyalty or confuse customers. Don’t go crazy with different colors. Try to use no more than three different colors in your logo. Aim to create a logo that’ll last. You want a logo to be relevant for at least ten or twenty years. It would be ideal to design a logo that is timeless. Hire a designer familiar with your type of product. It’s worth hiring outside help because of the impact your packaging has on current customers and potential customers. Poorly designed logos and packaging can keep a product sitting on the shelf while customers buy other items that are more attractive and appear more trustworthy. If you’re struggling to design a logo for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our experienced and talented creative team are happy to help you create a memorable logo that resonates with your target audience.

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Do I also need a logo?

Yes. Design a Simple Yet Powerful Logo. The best logo is a simple logo. Think of logos we see every day and easily remember such as the Apple logo and the Nike swoosh. According to a study by the branding firm Siegel + Gale, memorable logos are 13 percent more likely to catch a customer’s eye and seven percent more likely to make a customer want to learn more about a company. Think of your target audience when designing your logo, but most importantly, keep it simple. You want your logo to be a symbol that represents your brand identity. Your logo should make customers feel like they can trust your company. Just as name and overall packaging design matter, a logo completes the whole image and influences the first impression. Don’t create complicated logos in hope to send messages to your audience faster. It may take time for a very simple logo to build meaning in the minds of others, but it’s still better than being confusing.

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What information will I have to bring to the design team?

We are excited to work with you to design packaging that will increase your sales, strengthen brand identity and build customer loyalty. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll create packaging that delivers your company’s message and makes a strong impact on customers. To get started, you’ll need to share your: Target audience. We want to design packaging that speaks to your audience and piques their curiosity. Need help designing a logo? We got you covered. Images you may want to include. We offer royalty-free images for free, but please bring any custom images you wish to incorporate into your package design. Copy you want to include on the packaging. Like logo and company name, the copy should be clean and concise to deliver the most important message as quickly as possible. Nutritional info. If applicable. Product size and layout specifications. Ready to take your brand to the next level? You’ve come to the right place.

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What are the key points in packaging design?

Overall, you want your product’s packaging to make a customer: Stop and look Curious Attracted to your product, either aesthetically, emotionally or through sensory stimulation Reassured — make sure your packaging communicates that your product is easy to use, easy to understand and is trustworthy. There are many different approaches to take when it comes to reaching your audience, and it may be a simple matter of putting yourself in customer shoes and asking what would attract you and make you want to buy your product. It’s most important to remember that an emotional connection will sell a product more than anything else.

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Why is TNMC the best choice for my packaging design?

We Are Your Go-To Online Packaging Design Service At NetMen Corp, we won’t stop until you’re satisfied. We provide unlimited concepts to make sure you and your customers are happy. As our client you can expect: Unlimited revisions Unlimited access to royalty-free images A creative team of three to five in-house designers A dedicated account manager as a single point of contact Affordable, high-quality, 100 percent original designs Satisfaction guaranteed Money back guaranteed One-stop shop for all your design needs Whether you need banners, brochures or help to create a mascot, our passionate design team has the skills to help your brand reach customers through a crowd of competitors. Great packaging makes an impact you won’t regret. Research has shown that 64 percent of shoppers have tried something new because packaging caught their attention, and 41 percent have bought the same products because of packaging. We understand how important it is for your product to look good, and your satisfaction means a lot to us. Get started now creating a design you and your customers adore.

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