As the owner of a food truck you can use the design of your vehicle wrap as a platform to build your brand. Since the design will include your logo, a color palete, fonts, symbols, icons, and different elements the whole ‘’pack’’ will be the best way to stand out, show and shout to the entire world: HERE I AM.

At festivals or events, there are usually upwards of 20 food trucks lined up next to each other. Apart from your specialty, which is creating the food your customers love, your truck needs to stand out from the crowd. How can you make it?

It’s important to have a logo and vehicle wrap that attracts people to your truck before they even read your menu. Whether you serve only coffee or an array of Caribbean food, you need a logo that not only represents your brand, but also strikes curiosity. In fact, the first step when starting a food truck is creating a logo and a vehicle wrap to match. Please, do not forget the basic rule, the first stage for any product company is to get a brand identity. It’s an industry where people judge books by their covers, so you better make sure your cover is worthy of a second look.

To have a great logo and a striking vehicle wrap will allow you to :

  • Attract more consumers.
  • Give confidence.
  • Establish your brand in the mind of your consumer.
  • Get sponsorships.
  • Draw attention on the street and attract followers to your social networks.

Custom Graphic Design for Food TrucksIn short, become in an entrepreneur who has serious and professional identity.

A food truck owner must have a professional logo for its brand. But first, you must have a clear idea of your brand identity, this includes your truck’s concept and personality. Do you want your customers to see you as gourmet or folksy? Do you want to give away your menu through your logo, or do you want customers to be surprised at what they find when they step up to the window?

A logo is an investment for your business. And when I talk about investment I do not refer to the money you have to pay. I am talking about doing something today (design a logo) that will be used constantly to grow your business. When leaving it in the hands of professional designers, you want to be sure they can accurately reflect your company’s identity and go beyond to capture the attention of potential customers. And here at thenetmencorp we can work together with you to achieve it.

Get into the competition fierce and do not be afraid. Just grab your marketing weapons: branding, professional graphic design and  corporate identity and conquer the market. Just make sure you you’re provided with the best elements and go for them, the customers.