Do you have a new product that you’re ready to market, or are you a new business just starting to think about how to design packaging? If so, you need a crash course in producing the best product packaging. It’s an art, really, mixing the most aesthetically pleasing design with the most practical composition that will keep your product safe and, if need be, fresh until it’s opened. Here is an overview of how to achieve the best packaging design.

Use the Right Software

Many software programs have preprogrammed design options. You can make boxes or other packaging using their standard options. Be sure to know the measurements for what you need to package so that you can design accordingly. As you design, create a dieline on your project that tells you where to cut or perforate the material. You’ll need your cuts to be precise too.

If your software doesn’t come with packaging design options, you can always look online to find what you need. Some sources offer these templates for free.

Plan Your Label to Match Your Design

A great package doesn’t do much if people don’t know what’s inside. You need to consider labeling as part of the project as well. You might be able to find customizable labels online, or you may prefer to try your chops at a new one. Get creative on this portion of your project. While packaging design requires more intricacy, labels should draw attention from your target audience.

Don’t Get Overly Fancy

Sure, oval packaging may sound like a great idea in concept. But carrying out a more complicated design can become a time suck if you have never done it before. Instead, stick to simple and proven methods of design that you can tweak relatively easily when problems arise.

Make Your Package Stand Out

Color plays an important role in ensuring your package gets noticed on store shelves. You don’t have to choose the brightest color to draw attention. Instead, think about contrasts and how to make the package stand out against that of competitors rather than committing to an obnoxious, fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark shade.

Consider Little Extras

Innovative packaging designs can draw potential customers to your product. Think about adding an unexpected twist to your package with one of these ideas:

  • Twine
  • Sealing wax
  • Ribbon
  • Multi-tiered packaging

This unique presentation will help your product stand out among competitors. It will also give your packaging the sort of personal twist that attracts customers.

Pay Attention to Design Integrity

While having an attractive design may win you more customers initially, you won’t keep them if your product is broken, bruised or damaged. Packaging should be designed to keep whatever is inside safe and, if it’s food or a beverage, fresh. Consult with someone who has worked on similar designs to pick their brain on the best techniques to protect your product. Or you can always outsource your design to a company that has expertise in this area.

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