Creating a recognizable brand is important for any business, whether it’s a national chain or a mom and pop business in a small town. Once you create a brand, it’s just as vital to keep it consistent across all of your channels, whether it’s your content or design. It will keep your image at the forefront of your customers’ minds while increasing the traffic and conversions on your site.

What Is Brand Consistency?

Before brand consistency, you need to understand exactly what a brand is. While you can try hard to craft a message based on a unique service or product, your brand often begins with your customers. You, as a company, are not directly in control of your brand. Instead, it’s a combination of what people think of your company as a whole.
That’s not to say you can’t influence your brand. You can perform market research to figure out how people view your company and tweak it from there. Maybe it gives you more insight on how to zero in on your brand, or maybe you want to craft marketing messages to steer people in a different direction.
No matter what, you need to make sure that the brand is consistent. If you work months and months and use the same fonts, colors and logo on everything, people will gloss over your advertisements if they look off-brand. The same goes with your written content as well. Each company has a voice online and on social media. If you deviate from that voice, it will confuse your customers and even lead to some distrust.

How to Create Brand Consistency

With that in mind, it’s important to keep that brand consistent. Start by developing guidelines for people within the company to follow. Large companies, in particular, could have a whole team of people crafting content, designs and more. Having one resource for those team members will help sustain the importance of consistent design for branding.

You should also participate in platforms and events that line up with your brand’s identity. If you’re an eco-friendly company, try participating in a roundtable discussion on global warming or ethical farming. You should also host events that stay consistent with your voice and messaging. If your company exudes a youthful spirit, host events such as a food truck festival that bring in a younger audience.

Why Brand Consistency Matters

The importance of brand consistency ties directly to conversions. It matters because your brand can literally make you money. Consider the time and effort your marketing team puts into creating a brand. Once it takes off, products and services sell themselves as more people recognize your brand and want to engage with it. If you slip and do not create consistent branding, you could lose those customers to competitors and end up at square one.
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