If you take a look at some of the biggest brands, you will notice that they use the same fonts, colors, artwork elements, and placement of their logo. When this happens is because they all have what is known as a style guide and they found out how to use it.

What is this style guide? It is a manual of policies and procedures, it is a tool that controls the formatting and visual presentation of all company communications, including the treatment of logos and typography.

Once you have your logo, your style guide is a must to develop your visual brand as your business’ personality.

The style guide is absolutely necessary to keep your brand identity consistent and recognizable even if several different people work developing marketing collateral for your brand. It’s the key tool to keep corporate graphics consistent and uniform across materials.

You should think your logo and your style guide as one compact tool that will help you during your entire business life. Your style guide will give a strong framework for creating documents and collateral.

After reading this, if you already have a logo and need help to develop a style guide for your business, let me tell you we love working with businesses of all sizes and we enjoy helping them to obtain consistent visual branding. We would like to assist you to achieve it. Please, contact us!