Amazon is the ultimate marketplace for businesses that want to capitalize on larger markets. The e-commerce platform has thousands of customers visiting the site every day, and with careful marketing strategies, you can rise in the ranks of trusted sellers to gain higher sales growth.

One aspect of Amazon optimization that most online sellers forget to think about is images. Just like product titles, categories, descriptions and variety, Amazon images can be a powerful tool to use. Here’s some basic advice that can make a huge difference to your brand.

Using Different Kinds of Images

Whenever you upload images onto Amazon, remember that for consumers, this is how they gauge the product. The images will help them decide if the product will be useful, high-quality or worth it. That’s why you should build authority by using different kinds of images.

At least one image on a product listing should show the product in a white background. Other images should depict different angles, or the packaging depending on the kind of product it is. Images that depict the use of the product, called lifestyle images are also essential here.

Highlight Product Features Via Images

The images of your products can also be designed to highlight features. Why does this matter? Amazon image optimization means optimizing for phones as well as web. In the mobile app, accessing product details is a little bit harder with the small screen space.

product feature image makes it easy for phone users to see what kind of features your items offer without having to read through a long list. This works best when the image design points out each feature with both text and visuals.

Logo Images Matter

The one image that consumers see before anything else is your logo, which is why whether you have any other online platform or not — your logo needs to be in the best shape possible. This means that your logo image should be sized appropriately, contain the right kind of brand messaging and be high definition.

Use Infographic Images

A designer from a graphic design service works on an infographic

This is a relatively new technique for businesses on Amazon to use, but when used carefully, infographics can be an excellent way to pull viewers in. For products that require extra information and guidance to use properly, an infographic can help uncomplicate usage for the customer.

Infographics, when made by professional design services can also set the tone for your brand voice and image.

Never Add Pricing or Shipping Info

The cardinal rule of Amazon images is to never include information like prices, shipping details, return policies or company bios in the images for products. This is because Amazon prohibits this to ensure that the focus is on the products and not flashy marketing strategies.

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