Postcards are great for marketing. Custom postcards can promote businesses well, and they are very easy to make. In this blog post, we’ll explore the examples of postcard design for different industries. You can use a postcard maker or postcard designer to make your own postcard too.

Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are incredibly useful in real estate. Agents use custom postcards to advertise homes. Postcards help sell properties quickly.

  1. Highlight a nice neighborhood on a postcard. Show parks and events. Add a website for more info.
  2. Announce a new listing with exterior and interior home photos. Remember to use big text for details in your postcard template. Tell people to schedule a tour or provide event invitations to the property.
  3. Make a personal branding postcard as an agent. Include your photo and reviews. List contact details clearly.

Restaurant Postcards

Restaurants can use custom post cards too. Postcards advertise new menus and deals well. They make people want to visit.

  1. Tease new seasonal menu items with delicious food photos. Invite people to make reservations.
  2. Promote special menus like holidays with themed designs. Highlight any special offers.
  3. Invite joining a loyalty program on the postcard. Show member benefits like discounts.

Retail Postcards. Using a mailing service to help distrubute your postcard to locals will be a great way to promote this.


Retail Postcards

Retailers use postcards for marketing a lot. Post cards announce sales and new products effectively. They create buzz.

  1. Reveal a new product launch with striking visuals. Give all the key details.
  2. Highlight incredible sales with bold text and discounts. Use phrases like “limited time.”
  3. Invite loyal customers to an exclusive appreciation event. List date, time, specials.

Travel Postcards

The travel industry loves using custom postcards. Postcards showcase destinations beautifully. They make people want to book trips.

  1. Highlight an iconic destination with amazing photos. Describe it briefly and tell people to book.
  2. Promote a hotel with images of amenities like pools. Mention any special offers.
  3. Tease adventurous experiences with bold outdoor graphics. Spark curiosity to learn more.

Nonprofit Postcards

Nonprofits use postcards to spread awareness and fundraise. Compelling visuals on a postcard motivate people to act.

  1. Raise awareness with powerful visuals and facts about the cause. Ask people to donate or volunteer.
  2. Invite to fundraising events with all event details on the postcard. Use appealing graphics.
  3. Thank donors with an appreciation postcard showing your impact. Encourage continued support.

Make Your Own

Anyone can make custom post cards now with online postcard makers. Easily create a personalized design.

  1. Send unique save-the-date postcards for weddings in your theme.
  2. Announce a new baby’s birth with an adorable photo postcard.
  3. Celebrate graduations with a postcard showcasing your photo and degree details.

Here are some more industries and postcard design ideas:

Wedding & Event Planning

Postcards are a great way for wedding and event planners to advertise and attract attention to their services. Eye-catching designs can help them stand out in a crowded market.

  1. Save the Date Postcards: Create custom save the date postcards for couples to send out before their big day. Incorporate their wedding colors, theme, and engagement photos.
  2. Venue Showcase: Highlight different wedding venues with postcard designs featuring stunning photography of the locations. Include key details like capacity and amenities.
  3. Vendor Promotions: Work with other vendors such as photographers, florists, or bakers to make joint postcards promoting deals.

Health & Wellness

The health industry can use postcards to promote services, events, and educate people on physical and mental health topics.

  1. Class Schedules: Design postcards with upcoming fitness class schedules, highlighting new additions or popular instructors. Include QR codes for easy online sign-up.
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Share bite-sized wellness tips, healthy recipes, or motivational quotes through visually appealing postcard designs.
  3. Invite the community to health fairs with eye-catching postcards. Include date, time, and activities planned for the event.


Home Services

Home service providers like plumbers and electricians can use postcards to advertise their services and remind customers about future maintenance needs. Postcards are a great way for these providers to reach out to customers and stay top of mind. By sending postcards, service providers can keep their contact information easily accessible to customers. This can help increase customer retention and attract new business.

  1. New Homeowner Offers: Welcome new homeowners to the neighborhood with a postcard offering discounted services or free consultations.
  2. Seasonal Reminders: Send timely reminders for seasonal services. For example, gutter cleaning, HVAC tune-ups, or lawn care with informative postcard designs.
  3. Referral Promotions: Encourage existing customers to refer friends and family by offering incentives or discounts through a referral postcard campaign.

Financial Services

Financial institutions can use postcards to advertise new products, resources, or events to customers. Banks, credit unions, and investment firms benefit.

  1. Mortgage Rate Updates: Keep potential homebuyers informed about current mortgage rates and loan options through regularly updated postcard mailers.
  2. Financial Literacy Resources: Design postcards highlighting educational resources like free seminars, webinars, or downloadable guides on topics like budgeting, investing, or retirement planning.
  3. Promote your brand by sponsoring local events, sports teams, or charities with postcards to increase awareness in the community.

No matter what industry you’re in, custom postcards can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. A well-designed postcard with a clear message can catch people’s attention, get them involved, and motivate them to act.

When creating postcard designs for your business, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. The most effective postcards are those that make a strong visual impact and convey a clear, compelling message.

Use great photos, big text, and cool graphics to make your postcards noticeable in the mail or email. But be sure to strike the right balance – you want your design to be eye-catching without being too busy or overwhelming.

Before sending your postcards to print, make sure to check the spelling and that the postcard size is correct. When creating the designs, make sure to use contrasting colors so there are no problems when you print your postcards.

In addition to visuals, pay close attention to the messaging and copy on your postcards. Use concise, persuasive language that speaks directly to your audience’s needs, interests, or pain points. Show the main advantages of your product and tell people what to do next. Make it easy for them to take action.

Put important details on your postcard. Like event dates, special offers, and contact info. Match the postcard design with your other marketing. This creates a strong brand look.

Postcards are small but powerful marketing tools. Real estate agents, restaurants, and nonprofits all use them. With creative designs, postcards grab people’s attention. Strategic planning makes postcards very effective.

Postcards can make a big impact for your business. With the right visuals and messaging, they leave a lasting impression. Even though postcards are little, they drive great results.

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