Not believe in the power of a logo

There are millions of company logos, and you probably see a lot of those throughout your day. When you scroll through Facebook, when you flip through a magazine, when you drive to work, when you go out to get a bite to eat, you are surrounded by company logos. The logos that stick in your mind, though, are original. They are not like a logo from any other company. When you are inundated with company branding every single day, it is easy to be influenced by the logos that you see. When you decide to sit down to design your logo, a lot of that imagery is going to flood your mind. It can be hard to filter out your ideas from the ideas taken from all the logos you see around you.

Using different versions of your logo at the same time

If your logo appears differently in different places, customers are going to be less likely to form a strong association between the logo and your company. If there isn’t one central image that stands for your organization, you are missing a major visual component of your brand. If your logo is inconsistent, it could cost you recognition and customers. Customers always have options, and if your brand isn’t memorable or easily recognizable, they will probably choose one of your competitors. Professional online logo design will ensure complete consistency. If you doubt the power of brand recognition and loyalty, remember that 82 percent of adults report brand loyalty. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has even found that effective company logos can improve customer loyalty.

Not being consistent with your design

Consistency is essential to any brand. If a company does not send a clear message or does not deliver on its promises, the loyalty of its customers is in jeopardy. A lot of business owners will probably wonder what a company logo has to do with customer loyalty. The key is consistency. A logo needs to be consistent across the entire company and its interactions with customers. If you have the logo on your website, it should be on your social media sites, your business cards, your marketing materials, and anywhere else it could be and should be seen by a customer. This does not mean you should overload your target audience with your company’s graphic representation, but you should use that image enough that it becomes associated with your business. It also means that the image should be identical everywhere you use it

Not using your logo correctly

Putting your logo where customers can see it is another piece of visibility. Tell your logo designer where you plan for this logo to appear. Will it be on your website? Will it be on your business cards? Will it be on your social media pages? Make sure you have a logo with a design you are proud of, that you want to become inextricably linked with your company’s image. Once you have that, be sure to share it. The right logo that connects with your audience will begin to gain traction as customers see it more often and learn to associate it with your company.