Non-Profit Logo Portfolio

Non-Profit Logo Portfolio

In our portfolio you can see examples of the wide range of styles and quality our design team can achieve. Please, choose the right service.

Is Your Non-Profit Looking for Logo Design? Let Us Assist You

Charity organizations have fulfilling, yet complex, missions. They bring hope and help to others while being careful to follow all the many guidelines governing their fund-raising and spending. The right logo can help bring the type of positive attention you want for your nonprofit and with it the potential of an eventual cash windfall. When you brand your NGO or other charity properly, you benefit from improved perception from donors and greater visibility.

The NetMen Corp can aid you in this branding process by providing a logo design to help make your nonprofit’s identity more cohesive. We will work alongside you to ensure your logo tells the right story. Our charity logo designs include imagery of acts of kindness and colors that promote warm feelings, such as soft yellows, blues and reds. Of course, your design preferences are our most important guide when creating a new logo.

Why Get NGO Logo Design Services From The NetMen Corp?

Your nonprofit can see its fortunes improve when you add a new logo. People won’t donate to or volunteer for an organization that seems ill-organized. A professionally designed logo will show people you have the time and money to invest in your cause. It makes you look legitimate.

When you trust The NetMen Corp with your design, you receive:

  • Competitive pricing: We understand resources for nonprofits are often limited. By investing in services from The NetMen Corp, you know you will get affordable prices.
  • Personalized design: We go the additional mile to ensure your designs match the values and goals of your organization. We offer personalization you won’t find from many other online design firms.
  • Consistent messaging assistance: Consistency is a huge asset for any company, especially a nonprofit, which needs to win its donors’ trust. When you stick with the same design themes and messaging across media, you build your credibility.

What’s Included in Your Logo Design Services for Charity Organizations

We employ a six-phase design process to keep you in the loop the entire time. We aren’t satisfied until you are and we walk you through each step. Our process includes:

  1. Process Initiation: We receive your $99 down payment.
  2. Assessment: We provide you with a survey that will give us a better understanding of your preferences and goals. This will guide our design process.
  3. Date of Delivery: Following completion of the survey, you will hear from your account manager, who will communicate with you on the design. They can answer any of your questions. Once you have talked with them, your initial design concepts will be delivered in three days.
  4. Presentations: Your account manager will show you the design concepts. You can get an unlimited number of these and will select one concept to move forward with.
  5. Revisions: Our team designs four to seven versions of this concept within one day. You can make an unlimited number of revisions. We don’t stop until you are satisfied.
  6. Copyright File Ownership: After paying your balance, you receive the final design files and sole copyright ownership.
Get in Touch With The NetMen Corp to Learn More About Logo Design for Non-Profits

Draw more attention to your nonprofit with a new logo. Contact The NetMen Corp to discuss how we can assist you with our expert design services. Reach out today to set up a consultation.