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Does Your Law Firm Need a Logo Design? We Can Help

One of the key things law firms must convey to their clients is trustworthiness. Clients entrust matters of great importance to their attorneys. They need to know that confidence will be respected, and part of communicating that reliability lies in how your firm presents itself.

You should show a polished, professional image that carries over between different aspects of your business, from your demeanor in the office to your website design to the marketing materials you produce. Having the right logo can go a long way toward pulling together all those things. A customized attorney logo design shows your clients you care enough to commit to branding your practice. You can use the logo on just about anything, from pamphlets to letterhead to signs outside your door. That all creates an aura of dependability.

You are busy practicing law, so you probably don’t have time to devote to your law firm logo design. That’s where The NetMen Corp can help. We specialize in custom logo design for attorneys and those in other business areas. We can create an original logo for your firm, summing up the unique culture and beliefs of your office. You can then use that logo as you choose.

What Makes Our Lawyer Logo Designs Special?

Our custom logo designs for lawyers are unique because they’re not generalized, they’re personalized. When you work with us to create a logo that matches your firm’s vision, we don’t just think about aesthetics. We craft an individualized design by listening to your description of the company’s personality, culture, ambitions and creative aspirations. The finished product is formulated as a stunning combination of your industry expertise, inspiration, services and design conception.

When you need a clear, unique law firm logo design, The NetMen Corp delivers. Our multidisciplinary team takes pride in creating innovative designs, while providing superior customer service. Some of the perks that come with hiring us to create your next logo include:

  • Competitive Pricing: Our logo designs, priced at a fixed rate of $149, include an unlimited number of concepts and unlimited revisions, with 110% satisfaction guaranteed. You can also have us refresh your existing logo design for $99.
  • Impressive Turnaround Times: Our experienced professionals conceptualize and produce a logo design quickly, so you can focus on running your company. You’ll receive original concepts from our creative teams within three business days. We also offer online and rush logo design.
  • Experience Working With New and Small Businesses: For small and new businesses, establishing your brand is incredibly important to your company’s success. Our logo designs will help you build consistent messaging for brand recognition and inevitably earn clients’ trust by doing so.
  • Excellent Communication: Throughout the entire design process, we continuously communicate and listen to you, so we can fulfill any requests you have along the way. Our designers will listen to and assist you as we create a logo that suits your businesses’ primary goals and beliefs.

What’s Included in the Lawyer Logo Design Process?

Our design process is built to meet your needs and expectations when it comes to your design logo — every step of the way, including:

  1. Down Payment: Once you have selected the design service you would like and we’ve received your down payment of $99, we will reach out to you to start the design selection process.
  2. Product Evaluation: To ensure your logo properly represents your company’s nuances, preferences and mission, you will complete a survey to provide us with insight into your business.
  3. Date of Delivery: Once you’ve completed the initial survey, an account manager will reach out to you. Your account manager will answer any questions you may have and be the liaise between you and our design team. Within three days, you will receive your initial design concepts for review.
  4. Design Review: You will work with your account manager to review the various concepts our team has delivered. You will receive unlimited concepts from our team, as we are committed to ensure 110% customer satisfaction.
  5. Revisions: Once a concept is chosen, you will receive four to seven versions of the original within one day. Any modifications or preferences you may have — which are unlimited — are implemented until your ideal design is reached.
  6. Final Files: You will obtain sole copy ownership of your design once the remaining balance has been paid.

Contact The NetMen Corp for Your Customized Law Firm Logo

Stability and professionalism can go a long way toward earning potential clients’ trust, and when they trust you, they will want to hire you. Anything your firm can do to improve its image helps bring in more business. That’s why you should explore adding a custom logo for your law firm.

The NetMen Corp can deliver exactly what you need. Not only are we experts in creating the ideal logo, but we’re experts in working with new and small businesses. With prices that are competitive across our industry, we deliver responsive service and uncompromised, high-quality results with a quick, efficient turnaround time.

We communicate directly with you throughout the entire design process, and our fixed, low prices include an unlimited number of concepts and revisions. We want you to love the logo you decide to use because it’s going to be with you for a long time. Ready to take the next step toward revolutionizing your company’s brand? Contact us today to get started on your logo design project.