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Choose The NetMen Corp for Your Custom Logo Design

When it comes to your patients and services, nothing is more important than building trust and conveying a strong sense of reliability — and the level of loyalty your patients invest in you all depends on how you represent your organization.

Whether you’re a large hospital, small practice or specialized service and whether you offer cancer treatment, physical therapy or dermatology, your success is all about delivering what you promise, and it all starts with your image. The NetMen Corp delivers when it comes to the perfect healthcare logo design. Some of the many advantages to employing our services for your next logo design include:

  • Competitive Pricing: With logo designs priced at $149, you’ll receive unlimited concepts, as well as unlimited revisions, with 110% satisfaction guaranteed. You can even opt to refresh your existing logo design for $99.
  • Quick Turnaround Time and Responses to Requests: Our experienced professionals conceptualize and produce a logo design quickly, so you can focus on the most important areas of your company. You will receive original concepts from our creative teams within 3 business days. We also offer online and rush logo design.
  • Experience Working with Smaller, New Businesses: We’ll help you establish your brand, build consistent messaging for brand recognition and inevitably earn clients’ trust by doing so.
  • Direction Through the Design Process: Our designers will listen to and assist you when creating a logo that suits your businesses’ primary goals and beliefs — translating those priorities into an exceptional, high-quality, impressionable logo. We take any revisions you have

Throughout the entire design process, we continuously communicate and listen to you to fulfill any preferences you have along the way. Our fixed, affordable prices include an unlimited number of concepts and revisions. Our multidisciplinary team takes pride in creating innovative designs, while providing superior customer service.

Why Get a Custom Logo Design for Your Medical Practice?

Why do you need a logo design for your medical company? The right logo can do so much for your practice, including:

  • Explaining Your Practice’s Name: If your company’s title includes initials, a nickname or an acronym, your medical logo design can help clear up any confusion, describe your name and make sure your patients know exactly who you are.
  • Highlighting Your Dependability: Both the nature of your logo design and the fact that you dedicated time to acquiring one shows your patients how invested you are in your practice.
  • Describing Your Values: A logo is an ideal way to highlight the primary goals and ethics of your company.

What’s Included in the Medical Logo Design Process?

Our design process is built to meet your needs and expectations when it comes to creating your design logo — every step of the way. Our process includes the following steps outlined below:

  • Down payment: Once you have selected the design service you would like, and we’ve received your down payment of $99, we’ll contact you to get the design selection process started.
  • Product Evaluation: To ensure your nuances, preferences and mission are visible and portrayed in the overall design, you will complete a survey which provides us the insight into your business.
  • Date of Delivery: Once you’ve completed the initial survey, an account manager will reach out to you. Your account manager will answer any questions you may have and be the liaise between you and our design team. Within three days you will receive your initial design concepts for review.
  • Presentations: You will work with your account manager to review the various concepts our team has delivered. You will receive unlimited concepts from our team as we are committed to ensure 110% customer satisfaction.
  • Revisions: Once a concept is chosen, you will receive 4 to 7 versions of the original within 1 day. Any modifications or preferences you may have (unlimited) are implemented until your ideal design is reached.
  • Final Files: You obtain sole copywrite ownership of your design once the remaining balance has been paid.

At The NetMen Corp, our logos aren’t standard — they’re specialized. We communicate with you directly to gain a personal understanding of your practice, your services and your vision. The finished result is a stunning combination of aesthetic appeal and a representation of the unique concept of your company. We’ll work to create an image that represents your organization authentically and originally.

Contact The NetMen Corp for Your Customized Healthcare Logo Design

Ready to take the next step toward making your medical practice the most reliable choice in the public eye? We communicate with you directly during every phase of the design process, providing you with uncompromised quality, committed service and unlimited concepts in creating a healthcare logo design to set you apart from your competition.

With our experience working with new and small businesses, competitive prices and impressive turnaround times, The NetMen Corp will give you long-lasting logo satisfaction. Contact us to jump-start your design process today!