Clothing Logo Portfolio

Clothing Logo Portfolio

In our portfolio you can see examples of the wide range of styles and quality our design team can achieve. Please, choose the right service.

Does Your Clothing Company Need a Logo Design? We Can Help

When it comes to clothing, designer dresses, vintage picks, accessories and other wardrobe choices, passion is your fashion, and there’s nothing you want more than to share this love with your customers. What better way to boost business and revolutionize your boutique’s brand than by advertising it with a creative clothing brand logo design?

At The NetMen Corp, we’re a team of experts specializing in crafting fantastic logos for clothing companies and other businesses. With attention to detail, aesthetic excellence and a personal interest in your company’s image, we work with you to develop a design that will represent all you have to offer.

Why Choose The NetMen Corp for Your Custom Apparel Logo Design

How will the right clothing brand logo design help your company thrive? From advertising online and in print to reworking your brand, a logo offers so many opportunities for bettering your business.

Here are just a few benefits of letting us craft your logo:

  • Competitive Pricing: With logo designs priced at $149 — you can attain a reasonably priced, personalized logo without compromising quality. You’ll work with a team dedicated to producing the perfect design for your company, along with receiving unlimited concepts and revisions, with 110% satisfaction guaranteed. You can even choose an alternative option and select to refresh your existing logo design for $99.
  • Quick Responses to Requests and Turnaround: We understand time is valuable to every business owner, and that deadlines are very real. Therefore, we provide an experienced team whose primary goal is to create an image you are proud of for years to come in the most efficient timeline.
  • Small, New Businesses Experience and Understanding: As a small or new business owner, we can help you create an image that will set you apart from competitors. Some of the most key parts of owning a new business include establishing your brand, building consistent messaging for brand recognition and inevitably earning clients’ trust by doing so — we’re here to create a logo that helps you accomplish all those goals.
  • A Path to Perfecting Design: We’re not just any design service, and our logos aren’t generalized or standard — we work with you every step of the way to create a personalized clothing company logo design that reflects your vision, style, ideas and goals. Your logo will represent you far into the future, so make sure it has something unique to say. That’s where The NetMen Corp has you covered.
What’s Included in the Apparels Logo Design Process?

Our design process path is created to satisfy all your needs and exceed your expectations — every step of the way. Our dedicated team is passionate about constructing the finest logo design for your business. Our process includes the following six phrases:

  1. Down Payment and Process Initiation: Once you have carefully chosen your design service and we’ve received your down payment of just $99, we will reach out to begin the design process.
  2. Product Assessment: You will then complete a survey that provides us with a better idea of the nuances, preferences and mission — the most important components of your business. We want to ensure these are visible and portrayed in the overall design.
  3. Date of Delivery: Your designated account manager will contact you following the survey completion. They will be communicating with you every step of the way throughout the design process, answering any questions you may have at this point of the process. You’ll receive your initial design concepts for review within three days.
  4. Presentations: You and your account manager will then work together to review the various concepts our team has delivered. We are committed to ensuring 110% customer satisfaction, so you will receive unlimited concepts from our design team.
  5. Revisions: After a concept is selected, you will receive four to seven versions of the original within one day. Any modifications or preferences you may have (unlimited) are applied until a flawless design, specific to your vision, is obtained.
  6. Copyright Ownership of Files: You obtain sole copyright ownership of the final design files once the remaining balance has been paid.
Contact The NetMen Corp for Your Customized Clothing Company Logo Design

Ready to revolutionize your brand and call attention to your clothing company? Take the next step by reaching out to The NetMen Corp. We offer fixed competitive prices, quality results with a quick turnaround and expert design services for new and small businesses. We’ll craft a logo that speaks uniquely to your company’s vision. Contact us today to get started!