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How Do You Start a Brand?

A well-designed brand is one of your greatest assets in business. It creates trust in the minds of your customers and prospects. This means learning how to design a brand is one of the most important business skills you can learn. It will set your company and business apart from the onset. A survey by […]

How to Design a Good Logo

Your logo is one of the first things the world sees about your company. It conveys who you are and what you’re about. It can be bold, minimalist, bright or subdued. It can highlight an image or center text, or balance both with distinct color schemes, sizing, alignments and more — but designing one that’s eye-catching […]

Basics of Designing a Website

In order to maximize the high-quality logos we design for you, you need to understand basic web design principles. The days are long gone when you could just paste your company address, phone number and email together on a webpage using a DIY web design software. Now, your prospects and clients will judge your company […]

How to Create Packaging for Your Product

Frequently, our clients ask us: How do I design packaging? Some also request our product packaging design process. Attractive product packaging is essential because most consumers will only scan it for a few seconds on the shelf before they decide to buy it or drop it. Simply put: If the packaging looks good, the product […]