Teamwork and Creativity: Transforming obstacles in incentives

As a creative agency, we face daily the challenge of being able to create and recreate logos concepts that are up to the expectations of our clients. These expectations are usually based on the desire to obtain a 100% original and unique logo. At first glance, it would seem that it is a goal that is not so easy to achieve. However, proposing a design development that involves the client, the long-awaited originality is achieved, previous work together: agency plus client.

It is quite an adventure to be creative in an area where it would seem that everything is invented. And where the logos of the big companies that dominate the market are more and more like each other. However, we have managed to overcome what seem like obstacles, but for us they are incentives.
In a creative process, we get our clients to contribute with their suggestions and ideas to achieve a final result that is not only original but also tailored made according to the preferences of those who will use the logo as the identity of their product or service. It is the interaction of the account executive together with the client that achieves totally customized results.
Behind an approved final concept, there is a whole previous work together, a creative process that involves professionalism, patience and time. And in order to develop it, it is essential that the account executive, the client and the design team are united in a solid and committed manner.
We invite all to feel gratified working side by side with our account managers and design team. It is a fantastic experience to see the transformation of a logo concept until it becomes that logo you were looking for.