Business of all kind want to incorporate the newest marketing strategies. Offline and online marketing plans can be fused and leave a long-lasting impression on the customers.

The fact of using both marketing channels doesn’t indicate you should have two separated campaigns. A perfect marketing mix can be done, getting a great support and complementation of offline and online strategies. This integration becomes in one of the most powerful tool to elevate your company profile.

The strategies must be thought based on the reality. Nowadays the customers go across multiple marketing channels in a short period. In less than one hour they can be exposed to an ad in the back cover of a magazine, a billboard and a social media campaign. Having all these clues on mind it isn’t so difficult to realize that a combination of multiple tactics must be set up to maximize the potential of business advertising and marketing.

Offline and Online Combined Advantages

Let’s make a list of some of the advantages when digital advertising is used in conjunction with offline marketing.

  1. It’s easier to intensify announcement if you’re reaching your target customers across different channels. The exposure to the same message in a consistently way will be end up in conversions and sales.
  2. Boost engagement. Cross-device marketing provides the opportunity to interact with customers in two channels at the same time, reinforcing the chances of conversions and sales.
  3. Transform the QR in a bridge which connects offline and online marketing strategies. Share QR codes online that can be used at the physical store to get special discounts.
  4. Guarantee of success in entertainment events and trade shows. When it is time to announce an event or a participation in a trade show, a great ad in the local paper can be complemented creating an event in Facebook, maximizing   Consider offering something exclusive to social media followers who stop by will give a balanced final frame.
  5. Build up relationships. Include URLs for your social media accounts in print ads or including print coupons for specials that are available online. Adults trust on local print media and this trust is necessary when launching a new product, along with press published online.

How does Graphic Design Play Their Part?

Now let’s talk about how graphic design has to be ready to deal with this mixture optimizing resources to be used both online and offline.

First you must stablish your brand strategy. This strategy communicates everything your business stands for. It is a plan that creates the perception of your business. And this brand strategy must be accompanied with a design strategy.

This design strategy uses a brand guide, which is a document that describes how your brand must look like in different visual media.  This indicates to graphic designers they must come up with designs that go with your brand identity and avoid the back and forth on how things must look ultimately.

The designers have to look for ways to make the message in both channels equally exciting. They have to make the offline design as compelling as the business online presence. For this is important to have the same design team working on both campaigns (online and offline).

The key to have a successful design strategy is consistency. The same design element must cross all the platforms seamlessly from one to the other. In this way, high impact, we can be achieved on potential customers besides to be present in all media they consume, replicating the message effectively.

The graphic design is the key to it. For the reasons listed above, The NetMen Corp team is totally trustful. Our designers are trained to produce marketing pieces that can be used online and offline in a fused marketing strategy.