You are a Real Estate Agent, this means you are a brand already, even if you have never spent a cent on a marketing plan. So, it’s time to get ready and take advantage of that situation.

Defining a Brand

Now, you may be wondering what exactly it means to be a brand. To explain in an easy way what a brand is let’s start to say that a brand promises a result and experience anybody can count on. In a few words, is what happens to others when they meet you, when they can interact with you, and what they keep in their memories about that meeting.

When you become a brand you transform yourself into a meaning or feeling that people associate with you as a provider of a service, product, or a company by itself. Be aware! A brand is not a service, a product, or a company. The brand is often the reason people use the service, buy the product, or choose a company. The brand is the summary of many different elements that make people think about it in a particular way.

And finally, to finish defining what a brand is, let’s say that is not a logo. A logo identifies the brand, but it is not a brand; it is the door to get into it. It is the first step to getting close to the people and let them begin to recognize you.

Now you have a better idea of what to be a brand means, we can help you to create your unique brand as a Real Estate Agent.

There are five things you need to identify to form your brand:

Identify Your Brand Worth

Your personal brand is a review of everything you value by your own. For that reason, take your time to think about the things you value in your life.

Make a list of those values that are truly your own, those you must believe in, and live by them daily.

These values will be the base for your brand, as well as your personal mission statement.

Recognize What Makes You Distinctive

– Having your values as your foundation is the next step in finding out your specific singularity. You must establish what makes you unique and how your services can be different from the others.
Incorporate this distinctiveness into your brand. Incorporate the positive strong sides of your personality to your brand.

Setup How You Want to be Recognized

Always remember, branding is about other people’s perceptions of you. Through your actions and presentation, you have the power to control most of these perceptions. Think before acting, practice how to talk, to express, to dress to succeed.

Spot Your Talent

Figure out the area where you have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge. Think, what are your favorite parts of this business? You must be good at what you enjoy.

Brand yourself as the best value-added salesperson, in that way, you will bring extra value to every client or prospect you may have.

Identify Your Target Market

The goal of branding is to build customer loyalty. It is vital to determine your target market and speak directly to them. You want people to think that your brand will make a difference in their lives, so it must be meaningful to the end user.

Build Your Brand’s Image

By branding yourself, you stand out from the crowd and create a greater impact.

Now we have set up the main points to establish what a brand is and how you can become in one, is the turn of the logo.

A logo is not a brand. A logo is a visual mark that represents your brand and it will be perceived. It is a tool that helps to the people to find you, remember you and recognize you from other real estate agents.

A great logo design, done by a professional team, can give you the identity you need to be highlighted. On the other hand, a lousy one may have the contrary effect.

For that reason, it is important to have the best gateway to the minds of your potential customers. And this is definitely the design of a great logo. A clear and transparent way to make yourself known and achieve recognition of your brand above the crowd.

A logo in the real estate market manages to impose a unique presence. And from it comes an image of professionalism and seriousness that only a design made by a group of experienced designers can achieve.

For that reason, we advise you to leave the logo design in our hands, so that you can achieve that brand identity and stand out among other real estate agents. We, The Netmen Corp, succeeded in becoming the partner of each of our clients, contributing our knowledge in graphic design to reach the goal of identity that each of them pursues.