Deciding what color to use for your logo isn’t as simple as choosing one on the color wheel. Some colors are more effective at communicating your overall brand and message to your clients. Do you want them to feel calm and collected or rugged and masculine? It all depends on color. Here’s how to choose the right logo color for your company.

The Meaning of Different Colors

Every color has a meaning — even white and black. Here’s what different colors mean and how they impact your logo:

  • Red: Red evokes feelings of strength and excitement. You can use it to bring out strong emotions, but use it sparingly in your logo. It could signal fear and aggression.
  • Orange: Orange is playful — think Nickelodeon back in the day. It will give your logo some energy while staying less fiery than red.
  • Yellow: Yellow screams creativity and sunshine. In a logo, it can spur people to action thanks to its action-oriented feelings.
  • Green: Have you noticed so many financial institutions use green in their logos? That’s because green reminds people of different cultural associations, such as money and grass.
  • Blue: Over half of all logos have blue in them, making it the most popular color choice. It’s calming, soothing, and helps people focus — whether it’s on your logo or your company.
  • Purple: Purple is reminiscent of royalty and magic. While it’s not for everyone, use it in your logo if you want to communicate luxury.
  • Pink: Pink is historically recognized as a feminine color. For your logo, it can communicate a modern and youthful feeling.
  • Brown: On the flip side, brown is masculine and rugged. It will remind people of simplicity, but use it sparingly. It also evokes thoughts of dirt.
  • Black: Black is slick and modern and communicates a sort of classic sophistication to your customers. Use it for expensive products to communicate richness.
  • White: White is modern, and is often used an accent color in a logo. It represents purity and cleanliness, making it perfect for healthcare-related logos.

What Color Is Best for Your Brand?


The color you choose for your brand makes a big difference in how people see you, since every color speaks to a different part of a customer. Think about successful brands and the colors they use in their logos. For example, Coca-Cola’s iconic red gets customers excited and communicates a level of fun. Whole Foods makes use of green to symbolize their commitment to sustainable farming practices and nourishing food from the earth.
While these brands got it right and ultimately picked colors that spoke to their brand, other companies can get it wrong and choose an ineffective color. Just think about your favorite brand names with different colors. What if Nikon had a red background instead of yellow? Or the iconic Apple went with purple instead of a monochromatic scheme?
This shows just how much the psychology behind colors matters when deciding how to chose the right colors for your brand. If you play on the wrong emotions that don’t fit your company, you could lose potential customers and diminish your revenue.

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Designs


It’s vital to figure out what color is best for your brand, but that doesn’t come easy. Start by figuring out your brand’s personality as well as your potential consumers’ personalities. You can ask yourself questions about gender, tone, value, time, age and energy. For example, are you more formal or casual? Geared toward younger people or older?
Choose a color that matches your brand personality. Once you choose the main color, you can consider adding more color, especially if you offer a wide variety of products. eBay, the Olympics, and other organizations or companies with different products, services, or messages of diversity will often choose a few different colors to represent that.

What Color Should Your Logo Be?


Your logo needs to be a color that represents your business, your goals, and how you want your clients to feel. Include employees to see what they think of the company, and test different logo variations out with a group of potential consumers before you decide on a final option. If you don’t have the staff to create one in-house, work with The NetMen Corp. We’ll develop a logo that speaks to your brand and brings more clients in.