Studies have shown even unimportant objects can trigger memories. Want someone to remember you or your brand? Give them a gift.

Attractive notepads, pens and even business cards are far more memorable than plain paper or unoriginal business cards. Why waste an opportunity to create memories for your brand?

Every time you connect with another business or customer, give them something to take home and think about. This doesn’t mean your stationery needs to be flashy. Instead, be consistent with the style and keep it clean and simple. In subtle ways, your brand’s name and logo will stay in the minds of those you reach.

Also, consider that people only retain 50 percent of what they hear. If you give consumers something visual and concrete, you are building strong connections in their mind.

Consider how others can share your stationery too, and spread your message even further. For example, if you hand out adhesive notepads with your company logo printed on top, someone might use those sheets of paper to leave notes for others. Suddenly, you have a house or office full of people who are aware of your brand, even if on a subconscious level. When they see your product on the shelf or on a website, they will more likely be struck with a sense of familiarity than if they hadn’t seen your name on stationery.

Custom stationery is more personal too, and therefore more meaningful. Think about it — isn’t it more touching to receive a handwritten note from a loved one instead of an email?

Stationery is a marketing tool people appreciate because they can use it. And if it’s visually appealing, they’ll take pleasure in using it.